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Latest News

Jibeibeitao 1200 commuter monthly pass open for pre-order
Release Unit:
Systems Administration Office
Release Date:
Office of Traffic Adjudication(Taoyuan)
Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng presided over the municipal meeting this afternoon (18th), and after listening to the special report on the "Jibei Beitao Public Transportation Commuter Pass" from the Bureau of Transportation, he said that the "Jibei Beitao Public Transportation Commuter Pass" will be on the road on July 1. At that time, people will be able to use public transportation such as urban buses, MRT, Taiwan Railways, national highway passenger transportation, road passenger transportation, and YouBike public bicycles in the life circles of Taoyuan City, Keelung City, Taipei City, and New Taipei City with one card in hand. Significantly reduce the cost of commuting between cities. Mayor Zhang pointed out that after the implementation of the policy, people’s demand for public transport will inevitably increase. The Bureau of Transportation and the MRT Company are requested to adjust the number of extra trains in response to the possible increase in the number of passengers of the Airport MRT. In addition, in the face of the national driving shortage, please continue to work hard to avoid the problem of insufficient bus capacity. In the short term, tourist buses can be dispatched to assist in support. In the long run, resources from various bureaus must be continuously integrated to jointly think about improving drivers. Working environment. Mayor Zhang mentioned that the "Jibei Beitao public transport time pass" was his political opinion during the 2011 election. He thanked the central government for its kindness, understanding of the needs of commuters and school commuters, and helping to promote this plan. From the process of promoting the policy, we can understand that the promotion of the policy requires "creativity". Any good policy will eventually be echoed and attract more counties and cities to join in. Director of Transportation Zhang Xinfu said that the fare of "Jibei Beitao Public Transport Commuter Pass" is NT$1,200 per 30 days, which is about 40% off the actual monthly commuting cost. Initially, Easy Card is applicable, and other tickets such as One Card are applicable. It will be launched in the second phase later. This monthly pass is not limited to the implementation objects (it cannot be purchased with the points of the Respect for the Elderly Card), and it can be used for unlimited rides within 30 days after the monthly pass is activated. Regarding the applicable means of transport, Director Zhang said that all urban buses, MRT, and YouBike public bicycles within the living circles of Taoyuan City (excluding the Happiness Bus), Keelung City, Taipei City, and New Taipei City, and their starting and ending points are all in the base area. Public transportation such as highway (national highway) passenger transportation and Taiwan Railway in Beibeitao are applicable. Director Zhang pointed out that after the launch of the "Jibei Beitao Public Transport Commuter Ticket", it is estimated that the number of users will be about 796,000 per month in the future. After three years of launch, the public transportation volume of the four cities in Jibei, Beitao is expected to be 111 The annual growth rate is 5%, the traffic volume of private motor vehicles is reduced by 5% relative to 111 years, and the accident rate or death rate per 100,000 motor vehicles is reduced by 5%. Director Zhang also said that the "TPASS Easy Card" public transport commuter pass for Jibeibeitao has been opened to the public at 11:00 am today (18th), and the public can pre-order it at the official website of the four major supermarkets and blogs. It is expected to be available for pickup on June 15th. And the card setting can be completed at the designated place, and it will be officially used on July 1. In addition, if the public has not purchased the "TPASS Easy Travel Card", they can also use the electronic ticket with the word "SuperCard" at hand. Just download the "Easy Wallet" APP and log in to the EasyPay member, and you can easily complete the purchase of the monthly ticket with mobile phones; People who use EasyCard Ordinary Card, EasyCard Student Card, and EasyCard Co-branded Card can first add value at supermarkets from June 15th, and then go to the manual ticket counter to set up (Basic Beibeitao Territory Railway Station, Taipei MRT, Taoyuan MRT station service window) or use automatic add-value machines (Keelung Station, Taipei Transit Station, Nangang Transit Station, Banqiao Station, Taoyuan Airport Station, Zhongli Station) to purchase commuter commuter passes.