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Latest News

The “2023 Taoyuan Colorful Calla Lily Season” will be held from April 1-16
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Systems Administration Office
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Office of Traffic Adjudication(Taoyuan)
Taoyuan Mayor Chang Shan-Cheng went to the Xihai Leisure Agriculture Area in the Dayuan District on April 1 to attend the opening ceremony of the “2023 Taoyuan Colorful Calla Lily Season”. Mayor Chang stated that the “2023 Taoyuan Colorful Calla Lily Season”, themed “Qi-Yu (Colorful Calla Lily)”, will run for 16 days from April 1 to April 16 at the Xihai Leisure Agriculture Area. The main exhibition area features 80,000 colored calla lilies, 20,000 lilies and 180,000 other kinds of flowers, making it the largest flower field ever. The thematic art installation “Green Bird” uses up to 20,000 flowers pots, with a green bird holding a flower Mamoru in its mouth to symbolize happiness. The wishing fountain “Praying for Fate” is also designed based on the shape of the calla lily. This year, for the first time, the exhibition has been extended to Canzi Pond. Mayor Chang invites everyone to come to Taoyuan to see the calla lilies, visit the market, enjoy the rich ecology of the ponds along the trail, and have a pleasant Qingming holiday.

Chen Guan-Yi, Director of the Department of Agriculture, said that in addition to the beautiful colorful calla lilies, the Dayuan district has also planted large areas of buckwheat and has a range of buckwheat products, including buckwheat noodles, buckwheat and sweet potato drinks, and buckwheat popcorn. This year, the exhibition area also features a buckwheat field, which is combined with agricultural associations and related groups to showcase "food and agriculture education" and help the public better understand the meaning of sustainability and the SDGs. Director Chen also urged the public to use public transport as much as possible, as Taoyuan Bus No. 5077 and Ubus No. 210 can reach the venue, or the free shuttle bus is available.