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Latest News

The first hour of YouBike in Taoyuan City is free from 4/1, benefiting an estimated 1.9 million peop
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Systems Administration Office
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Office of Traffic Adjudication(Taoyuan)
The first hour of YouBike in Taoyuan City is free from 4/1, benefiting an estimated 1.9 million people a year
Taoyuan Mayor Chang Shan-Cheng presided over the municipal meeting this afternoon (8th), and after listening to the special report of the Transportation Bureau's "30K Happy Mileage Policy - Public Bicycle 10K Happy Mileage", he said that starting from April 1, the city government will implement "free subsidies for the first 60 minutes" "The policy is equivalent to the public being able to enjoy 10 kilometers of free happiness miles. He hopes to use this method to change the behavior of citizens using public bicycles. In the future, the Transportation Bureau will continue to develop various supporting measures, including rolling corrections to existing public bicycles. The station and the bureaus will assist in the inventory of the responsible bicycle lanes for the Tourism Bureau to compile, so that the "public bicycle riding 60-minute sightseeing guide map" can be more complete, and more Taoyuan secrets will be created. At that time, all tourists who come to Taoyuan for sightseeing Chinese people can visit more scenic spots in Taoyuan.

Wang Xubin, deputy director of the Transportation Bureau, said that in order to make it easier for the public to use public bicycles to transfer to public transportation, reduce daily commuting costs, and expand the benefits of the tourism industry, the city government will extend the existing discount period from April 1 and implement the "Top 60 The new policy of “free subsidy for 10 minutes” is equivalent to the public being able to enjoy a 10-kilometer free journey; in addition, the Tourism Bureau will also plan a “60-minute sightseeing guide map for public bicycle rides” to comprehensively publicize the city’s tourism resources, thereby improving Increase the utilization rate of public bicycles for holiday sightseeing and expand marginal benefits.

Deputy Director Wang pointed out that after the new preferential measures are put on the road, it is estimated that 1.9 million people will benefit a year, increasing the riding volume by 15%, and because the number of riding kilometers will be increased from 5 kilometers to 10 kilometers, it can greatly slow down people’s lives. Commuting and riding pressure, filling the gaps in the bus road network and expanding the benefits of sightseeing.

Deputy Director Wang explained that Taoyuan has been promoting public bicycle rental services since 2015. At present, there are 407 public bicycle rental stations in the city, providing 10,000,321 bicycles. The existing preferential measures are free for the first 30 minutes. If estimated based on the data in November of the past (111), most of the users are office workers and students commuting and going to school, and the riding time is 91.4% in the first 30 minutes, of which 0 to 20 minutes account for 91.4%. 81.6%, 20 to 30 minutes accounted for 9.78%, and the average daily turnover rate was only 2.9 times. Compared with the average daily turnover rate of 9 to 10 times in Beishi, there is still obvious room for growth.