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Latest News

Governor of Kagawa Prefecture of Japan, led a delegation to participate in the exchange.
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Systems Administration Office
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Office of Traffic Adjudication(Taoyuan)
Mayor Chang: Expanding the breadth and depth of education, sports and tourism exchanges
Taoyuan Mayor Chang Shan-Cheng met with a delegation led by the Governor of Kagawa Prefecture Toyohito Ikeda at the City Government on February 6. Mayor Chang first congratulated Governor Ikeda on his election as Governor of Kagawa Prefecture in September last year (2022) and said that although the COVID-19 epidemic had hampered and reduced the frequency of exchanges between Taoyuan and Kagawa Prefecture in the past two years, he was particularly grateful to Kagawa Prefecture for its enthusiastic participation in the International Friendship City Products Exhibition held in Taoyuan last July (2022), which impressed Taoyuan residents. Mayor Chang sincerely welcomed the delegation from Kagawa Prefecture and hoped that the delegation would feel the friendly and warm hospitality in Taiwan, and looked forward to continuing to expand the breadth and depth of education, sports and tourism exchanges in the future.

Kagawa Governor Toyohito Ikeda congratulated Mayor Chang Shan-Cheng on his victory in the 2022 election as the Mayor of Taoyuan. Governor Ikeda mentioned that the Taoyuan-Takamatsu route was officially resumed on January 19, 2023. He hoped that the resumption of the route would deepen the interactive relationship between Taoyuan and Kagawa, and deepen mutual exchanges in sports, arts and culture, showing a new beginning.