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Set Points

Set Points for Taoyuan City Government’s Smart City Committee


April 7, 2015, Form No.1040081113
March 31, 2016, Form No. 1050075439

1. Taoyuan City Government (hereafter Government) has set up the Taoyuan Smart City Committee (hereafter Committee) to help build Taoyuan with innovative technologies, new public values, and sustainable development for Taoyuan Smart City.

2. Committee Missions:

a) Create smart city promotion platform, and help build and coordinate smart infrastructures with other government departments.

b)Help build industry, government and academy cooperationmechanism for smart city promotion

c)Attend national and international smart city events, and join smart city competitions

d. Promote along with central government’s smart city related policies

e) Other matters related to construction of smart city

3. The committee consists of 19 to 31 members. The mayor will be the convener, and there will be two deputy conveners serves by two deputy mayors. There will also be a executive secretary serve by Director of Research and Evaluation Commission of Taoyuan. Three of the committee member will be Taoyuan government’s secretary general and two deputy secretary generals. The rest of the committee members will be chosen by the mayor.
4. The Committee will be promoting policies related to smart city and supervise other government agencies on related matters. There will also be a team of experts around 5 to 10 people, arranged by the committee. Expert can hold the position for 2 years, and the position is renewable, with no commission. The meeting of expert team can be arranged at any time, call by the committeeconvener.
5. The committee will hold meeting on irregular basis, the convener will be the host of the meeting. If the convener cannot attend, the deputy convener will host the meeting; if the deputy convener cannot attend, the convener can appoint one of the committee members to host. Experts or other advisory team member can be invited to these meetings.
6. The administrative works of the committee will be conduct through Taoyuan Research and Evaluation Commission.
7. Early goal of the committee will be promotion of Smart Governance, smart industries and smart living.
8. All the meetings should file and recorded with a conference minuet to be ready for any circumstances needed.
9. All members of the committee will not be paid with any commission.
10. All funds are provided by the annual budget from Taoyuan Research and Evaluation Commission


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