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Development Target

  Smart City has become a major topic between cities around the globe, and due to globalization and urbanization affects, many cities has started to plan and stated related policies and visions. Taoyuan city is the gateway of Taiwan; it connects the country to the world through Taoyuan International Airport. The city is located in northern part of Taiwan, and it is also the center of economy.The weather there is mild and has a tableland terrain that is easy to develop. Under the advantage of convenient transportation, the city successfully integrated sea and air logistics, perfected urban infrastructures, and active policies and services. Along with the essence of local culture, the industry hub of Taoyuan is growing prosperously.


  The anticipations of the publics have been fulfilled by the government’s use of innovative technologies in public transport, education, medical care, and sustainable environment. The city become smarter, and continues to provide better services to aid people’s everyday life. However, the construction of a smart city does not happen overnight, and demands continuous effort. Taoyuan city government has implemented a plan called i358 New Taoyuan Smart City Elite Project (hereafterreferred to as i358) that uses information communication technologies to transform Taoyuan into a livable, convenient, and more attractive smart city. The i358 project covers three directions, including Smart Governance, Smart Living and Smart Industries. It also covers fields in govern, sustainable environment, disaster prevention, life education, culture tourism, transportation, medical and healthcare, and industry development. All the aspects will improve Taoyuan by using IC technologies and using resources from both the government and private sectors, and aims to achieve efficient, mobile, livable, joyful, and sustainable life for the people in Taoyuan.

Taoyuan Smart City Development Strategies and Targets



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