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Smart Governance

  There are three strategies in Smart Governance, includes promotion of smart public service and operation, IoT Network, and building a sustainable livable city. Technology implementation can assist the government to provide better public services; big data analysis can resolve petition more efficiently; traffic will be able to be controlled quickly and crime rate will also be lowered.


Strategy 1: Promotion of Smart Public Service and Operation

(1)Open Data and Serice Converge Promotion Project
he government data stored will be examined and evaluated and upload onto the open data platform in stages. The data will be able to access by the public and will be free to use for any value added applications.


Open data platform of Taoyuan City Government


(2)Smart Municipal Big Data Analysis Application Plan
Big data will receive information from 1999, mayor’s office, district manager’s office, and other public petition network. The system will analyze the information, find the connection of the petition and help the government to improve municipal plans and decision making.


Smart Municipal Big Data Platform Analysis


(3)Spatial governance decision analysis promotion plan

The OmnipresentIoT Network

(1)Smart Streetlight
Coordinate with central government to replace old streetlight with LED lighting, and the wiring will also be renew with broadband wiring and connect to wireless IoT cloud to make the streetlight‘Smart’. It will be able to be controlled remotely and can self-adjust according to different daylight every day. There will also be sensor to monitor the light, and it can be detected immediately if it’s damaged. The new streetlight will also be able to lower electricity used and save carbon footprint of the city.
(2)Monitor of Network Service Platform Integration Plan
Environment monitor service, transport monitor service, public safety monitor service, river and water level monitor and common duct monitor service will provide data from the monitors and the data will be analysed to assist execution of its related services.


Taoyuan Water Information System


(3)iTaoyuan Smart Wi-Fi Promotion Plan
The government continues to promote wireless Wi-Fi construction, especially in popular tourist attractions, night markets, and shopping malls, until hot ‘spots’ become hot ‘area’.


iTaoyuan Free Wi-Fi Wireless Network Service


Strategy 3: Build a Safe, Sustainable, and Livable City

(1)Smart Disaster Prevention and Relief Integreation Project
The project integrate data collection, disaster analyse report, disaster response and decision making ability, to help build an all in one information platform to utilize working performance as a whole.  
(2)Energy Saving and Lower Carbon Emission
The government promotes energy saving programs, such as solar panels on the roof. By using solar energy, carbon emission can be lowered, and it should be promoted to the communities and even schools. Taoyuan iEN Smart School Project has implemented an energy monitoring system, the usage of the energy can be monitored and helps promote a low carbon life style.


Taoyuan iEN Smart School energy Saving Service


(3)Smart building and infrastructure promotion plan
The government promotes smart building authenticate approval and related legislation. They also train people with expert knowledge on eco building and smart technologies, materials, and product application, including energy management and disaster prevention.


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