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International Contest

  The Intelligent Community Forum is a global network of cities and regions with a think tank at its center. Its mission is to help communities use information and communications technology (ICT) to create inclusive prosperity, to tackle social and governance challenges and to enrich their quality of life. The members of the forum included Canada, United States, France and 40 other advanced countries and regions.

 The ICF think tank studies how Intelligent Communities use ICT to succeed in the broadband economy. Every year the forum use objective analytic process to identify outstanding communities and award them with the following titles:

Ø Smart21

Ø Top7

Ø Intelligent Community of the Year

Ø Intelligent Community Visionary of the Year

Ø Founders Award


The communities competed for the ICF awards will be evaluated with six different values: Broadband, Knowledge Workforce, Innovation,Digital Equality,Sustainability,Advocacy, and there will be a main theme of the year.

Taoyuan is proudly awarded with Founders Award, Smart 21, and Top7 by the ICF in the past years.

Taoyuan City is the first Asian Community that was awarded the Founders Award and Smart 21 in the year 2009. The city is also been awarded Smart 21 title in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. It has also been awarded Top7 Intelligent Communities in the year of 2013, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Finally, it has been awarded the Intelligent Community of the year 2019.
The distinguishing feature of Taoyuan has been posted on the ICF website, and it has created a positive marketing effect for the city. ICF suggested that Taoyuan is a great industrial city which is home for 30 industrial parks, with a total area of 7,000 hectors, and an annual production value of 3trillion NT dollars. The value is double of Hsinchu city and the top of Taiwan for 14 years continuously. The industries includes logistics, aviation technology, semiconductor, optoelectronics, motor parts, textile, and food industry. Taoyuan is also the youngest city in Taiwan, with 17 universities and colleges, more than 30 thousand graduates graduated in the city.
Taoyuan Government is working hard to match job seekers to work opportunities, and providing work, skill, and a series of digital trainings for people working in traditional industries. To ensure the young people in Taoyuan can have solid language skills, Taoyuan City Government introduced English lessons to year one students in the elementary schools. The government also encourages companies and universities to develop their own incubation centers and research institutions to better promote new products and inventions.
Taoyuan has also fortified the broadband network in the city and created a logo of Made in Taoyuan to promote the city. Taoyuan is now a municipality, and with projects of Taoyuan Aerotropolis, MRT, and other major construction plans, it will soon become a green, convenient, efficient, and safe city.
                        Smart City Awards in the Past
Theme of the Year
Smart 21, Founders Award
ICT Culture
Smart 21
The last mile of talent education
Smart 21
Smart Medical Community
Smart 21, Top7
Innovation and Employment
Smart 21
Power of Culture
Smart 21
Revolution Community
Smart 21
From Revolution to Renaissance
2017 Smart 21, Top7 The Internet of Cities
2018 Smart 21, Top7 Humanizing Data
2019 Smart 21, Top7, Top1 Infinite Learning
Spotlight Projects of competing for the ICF Award
Indicator #1 Broadband
Ø Popularize the city's wireless network services
Ø Establish friendly digital environments
Ø LPWA hotspot network services
Indicator #2 Knowledge Workforce
Ø Integrate and establish “Innovative R&D Talent Exchange Center” with Asian Silicon Valley Project
Ø Establish Youth Entrepreneurship Headquarters and introduce new knowledge about industrial smart application
Ø Integrate college with entrepreneurial ecological resources
Indicator #3 Innovation
Ø Construct innovative governance test sites
Ø Promotion of regional industrial innovative R&D promotion projects (regional SBIR)
Ø Promote citizen card services
Indicator #4 Digital Equality
Ø Promote digital application services in rural area
Ø Establish Smart e-Life Female Growth Institute
Ø Establish Labor Institute and provide labor population with the opportunity of lifelong learning
Ø Provision of the elderly with meaningful educational learning activities
Indicator #5 Sustainability
Ø Promote solar energy and create a low carbon green city
Ø Establish and promote Taoyuan iEN Smart Campus Power Management Platform
Ø Build smart environmental monitoring systems
Ø Create friendly smart city services
Ø Organize regular large-scale exhibitions - landscape art festivals, agricultural expo to attract global visitors to Taoyuan



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