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The first building of the Postal Logistics Park was completed. Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan said Taoyuan will become an e-commerce and logistics industry base with “smart logistics”.
Release Unit: Department of Public Information
Release Date: 111-12-02
Providers: Press Liaison Section
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The first building of the Postal Logistics Park was completed. Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan said Taoyuan will become an e-commerce and logistics industry base with “smart logistics”.


Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan went to Guishan District this morning (12/2) to accompany Executive Yuan Premier Su Tseng-Chang to attend the "Postal Logistics Park ─ Post-Logistics Center Inauguration Ceremony". Mayor Cheng said that the construction of the Postal Logistics Center started in 2018 and was completed this year (2022), which is the first building completed in the Postal Logistics Park and represents Taoyuan as an important logistics industry base that can combine the development advantages of nearly 1,800 logistics industries in Taoyuan. In the future, the park will also bring in various e-commerce companies to create a cluster of e-commerce, postal, and logistics industries. Mayor Cheng also said that with the help of the intelligent and digitalized services of the Postal Logistics Park, the future cross-border logistics at the Taipei Port and Taoyuan International Airport will achieve a "contactless economy" and enhance the efficiency and development of Taiwan's logistics industry, becoming an important milestone in Taiwan's digital transformation as a nation.


Mayor Cheng pointed out that the postal logistics park covers an area of about 17.14 hectares and is located in the Guishan district of Taoyuan, around the Airport MRT A7 National Taiwan Sports University station. In the past, President Ma implemented the development of suitable housing, but many infrastructure projects have not been completed. Therefore, after Mayor Cheng took office, he first completed the “Wenqing Wastewater Treatment Plant”, which turned the disadvantages into advantages. The underground level is a wastewater purification facility, while the above-ground level is designed as a park based on the concept of "Mobius Circle", which has earned the title of the most beautiful water resource center in Taiwan. The “Water Reclamation of Wenqing Wastewater Treatment Plant” has been approved and is fully subsidized by the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior. In the future, the wastewater will be treated and turned into reclaimed water, which can be used by the Hwa Ya Technology Park and Micron Technology's expansion factory, so that the DRAM equipment can stay in Taiwan and Taoyuan.


Mayor Cheng also mentioned that the increase in residential housing around the A7 station has become a new living area. In order to meet the demand for education, the city government has expanded the Leshan Elementary School and approved the Wenqing Elementary and Junior High School construction project with 50% of the funding will be subsidized by the Ministry of Education. Construction of Wenqing Elementary and Junior High School has begun, and enrollment will be completed soon. For the traffic demand, the city government is actively planning the joint roads around the postal logistics park, and the city government is seeking subsidies from the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior to work together with the central government to make the traffic around the A7 MRT station and the postal logistics park smoother; In addition, the first Linkou Interchange ramp three-dimensional project, which is expected to last 20 or 30 years, is being promoted by the High public Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, and the nearby Chang Gung Transfer Station will be opened soon, providing national highway passenger transport and urban bus transfer, reducing the burden of Wenhua 1st Rd.


The Premier of the Executive Yuan, Su Tseng-Chang, said that in the growing experience of the citizens, they received many important documents such as transcripts, admission letters and enlistment orders from postmen. For decades, postmen have built a mood of waiting and trust in the hearts of Taiwanese people. However, as society and lifestyle change and the stay-at-home economy, postal services have become very different. We need to consider how to connect with international industries and learn from the responsive folk to expand new businesses and services


Premier Su thanked the postal staff for their hard work on the front line over the years and recognized their dedication to the transformation of the postal service. He believes that Postal Logistics Park could make good use of the good transportation location, welfare control, and the foundation established in the past to gain the trust of the whole society and drive the better development of Taiwan's logistics industry.

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