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The 111th National Day Evening Party “Protecting the Land, Defending the Country, You and Me” unites the strength of the community through music and joins hands to defend the homeland together
Release Unit: Department of Public Information
Release Date: 111-10-09
Providers: Press Liaison Section
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The 111th National Day Evening Party “Protecting the Land, Defending the Country, You and Me” unites the strength of the community through music and joins hands to defend the homeland together


Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan went to Taoyuan Sunlight Arena on the evening of October 9 and attended the National Day Evening Party “Protecting the Land, Defending the Country, You and Me” with President Tsai Ing-Wen. He said that Taoyuan has diverse communities and culture. Among the six cities, Taoyuan has the largest number of returning Taiwanese businessmen and the fastest growing population, and it is also the municipality with the greatest urban development and progress.


During his eight-year term as mayor, not only did the population of Taoyuan increase by more than 210,000, but he also hosted the National Day Evening Party for the second time during his term. He welcomed all guests participating in the National Day Evening Party on behalf of Taoyuan, and pointed out that the further away from Taiwan many overseas Chinese are, the deeper their feelings are, and the more they support Taiwan, whether it is the development of democracy, national defense construction, and even participation in the international community, the contribution of the overseas Chinese community is very significant. Mayor Cheng also said that the overseas Chinese are an extension of the national power, but also a bridge with the local country. It is very difficult to continue to care about Taiwan affairs while working overseas and building their career.


President Tsai Ing-Wen said that Taoyuan was the last of the six municipalities to be reorganized and upgraded, but it has grown rapidly and performed remarkably well during Mayor Cheng's eight-year term. According to the domestic media's satisfaction survey on governance, Taoyuan not only ranked in the top segment, but also won many awards in international city ratings. In recent years, Taoyuan’s “smart city” has attracted more industries to move in, including MRT, social housing, elevated railroads and convention centers, and many Taoyuan projects are being accelerated, thus driving population migration. In addition, in recent years, the central government has promoted the “Three Major Investment Programs in Taiwan,” and Taoyuan has accumulated more than $340 billion in investment, which not only ranks first among all counties, but also creates many job opportunities. At present, Taoyuan supports Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese businessmen support Taiwan, which has become a positive cycle of mutual growth.


President Tsai pointed out that over the past year, all citizens have worked together to overcome the most difficult time of the epidemic. After the border control is lifted on October 13, we welcome more international friends to come to Taiwan and promote more international exchanges. In addition, in the face of foreign challenges, our brothers and sisters in the national army remain calm and composed, and guard the safety and security of our citizens on the front line. With the mutual help of all citizens, we will be able to defend our country and our home. President Tsai also emphasized that she believes time has seen Taiwan's resilience and determination to defend freedom and democracy, and that there will be more partners who share democratic values and work with Taiwan to maintain regional stability and peace. President Tsai also looked forward to the National Day Evening Party's exciting cross-generational and cross-ethnic programs to showcase Taiwan's diverse cultural characteristics to the world, and wished all guests a wonderful evening.

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