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The 2022 National Day Evening Party is in Taoyuan. The amazing shows will demonstrate the charm of the diverse culture in Taiwan.
Release Unit: Department of Public Information
Release Date: 111-09-29
Providers: Press Liaison Section
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The 2022 National Day Evening Party is in Taoyuan. The amazing shows will demonstrate the charm of the diverse culture in Taiwan.


On the morning of Sep 29, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan attended the press conference of “2022 National Evening Party in Taoyuan.” He said that, after three years, the National Evening Party will be held once again in Taoyuan this year, with the theme, “guarding our nation, with you and with me.” This year, the venue is specially set in the Sunlight Arena near the airport. By organizing the programs, the party will demonstrate the charm of the diverse culture in Taiwan and, at the same time, connect to the culture of pop music. The evening party will start on Oct 9, at 17:30 and is open to public at 16:30, to raise the curtain of the event of 2022 National Day.


Mayor Cheng mentioned that Sunlight Arena has been in operation since the end of last year (2021), with the maximum capacity of 15,000 people. At the same time, it is installed with 5G broadcast equipment which allow people from different places to perform together, which make it very suitable for large-scale activities. Further, the International Indigenous Peoples Cultural and Creative Park and the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation nearby will be completed and start operation soon on their permanent addresses, assisting the promotion of the culture of indigenous peoples. Also, there are Hengshan Calligraphy Art Park and Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center around the Sunlight Arena. They keep the pond culture of Taoyuan and have a very beautiful environment. Welcome the emigrants and citizens to pay visits to there.


Mayor Cheng pointed out that Taiwan has conquered the challenge of the pandemic. The aviation industry also grows against the wind, showing the resilience of Taiwan. Further, the central has already announced that they will lift more lockdowns of the border on Oct 13. The new rule for pandemic prevention, 0+7 no home quarantine, will be adopted while entering, including the withdrawal of the quarantine hotels and the transportation for quarantine. People who have entered are allowed to take the public transportation, such as Airport MRT and National Highway Bus, which will make the entry for returning much more convenient and also be the key step toward the normal life for Taiwan.


You Si-Kun, President of Legislative Yuan-cum-Chairperson of National Day Preparation Committee, said that Taoyuan is the gate of our nation and also the most advanced city, and many important national construction plans were all promoted in Taoyuan. He specially thanked the team of Taoyuan City government for taking the responsibility of holding the National Day Evening Party and also for their well-designed programs. He, representing the Preparation Committee, invited citizens to join the evening party together. President You also said that the theme this year is “guarding our nation, with you and with me.” Taiwan is now facing the bully from China. All of the citizens should unite and guard our nation, providing assistance to protect Taiwan and to cherish the democracy which is not easy to come by.

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The performance of National Day Evening Party will demonstrate the charm of the diverse culture in Taiwan

The mayor welcome emigrants and citizens to join National Day Evening Party together. There will be limited tickets of Rakuten Monkeys home match given away on that day

President You of Legislative Yuan’s speech

The picture of the mayor and the honored guests
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