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Mayor Cheng attended the “2022 International Youth Leadership Forum” and shared his vision for Taoyuan''s urban transformation.
Release Unit: Department of Public Information
Release Date: 111-09-21
Providers: Press Liaison Section
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Mayor Cheng attended the “2022 International Youth Leadership Forum” and shared his vision for Taoyuan's urban transformation.


Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan went to National Taipei University of Technology on the afternoon of September 21 and attended the 2022 International Youth Leadership Forum. He gave a speech titled “Taoyuan’s Urban Transformation and Vision” and shared Taoyuan's industrial competitiveness and dedication to promoting a sustainable city. Mayor Cheng said that the impact of the international condition, the epidemic and climate change will bring challenges of transformation to national development and urban governance, but this will also be another opportunity for development. He emphasized that the philosophy of urban governance is not to be afraid to learn, correct, and innovate in order to make the city grow better.  


Mayor Cheng pointed out that Taoyuan is an important industrial production base in Taiwan, with an annual industrial output value of about 3 trillion, which is the first in the country; as for the Three Major Programs for Investing in Taiwan by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, up to now, the total investment amount reached 1.7 trillion, of which more than 340 billion yuan chose to invest in Taoyuan, accounting for nearly 20%, which is also the first in the country. The City Government also understands that enterprises will face many difficulties in the process of promoting investment projects, thus setting up a one-stop service for investment services, covering land search, land change, building construction, business registration, talent recruitment, business management and other aspects.


Mayor Cheng also shared that while Taoyuan is developing its industries, it is aiming to be a low-carbon and sustainable city. He explained that the Taoyuan City Government promoted the “Taoyuan City Autonomous Regulations of Low-carbon City Development” in 2016, focusing on green energy, green buildings, green transportation and other planning policies to guide. In the past eight years since the upgrading, Taoyuan's solar photovoltaic system has grown more than 80 times, making it the fastest-growing city in Northern Taiwan. In 2020, Taoyuan began promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and released a voluntary review report. In 2022, the 2050 net zero path was announced for Taoyuan City.


Mayor Cheng concluded by saying that Taoyuan focuses on culture as the soul of a city, such as the “Dayou Terraced Ecological Park,” which has been transformed into an ecological park using the unique pond culture of Taoyuan, and has become a great place for the public to relax. The park won the Gold Award in the “FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards.” Mayor Cheng said that there are values behind every construction project, reflecting certain directions of transformation, and this is an issue worth discussing in the process of urban governance.

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Mayor Cheng shared his vision for Taoyuan's urban transformation

Group photo of Mayor and attendees

Group photo of Mayor and attendees

Group photo
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