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Smart Living
  There are also three strategies for Smart Living. Promote smart exhibition space, the safe, energy saving, future major construction of smart public buildings, and smart education and schools. Smart Citizen Card will be able to provide multi-advantages for the citizens, and live a smart life in the city. Some related plans are as follow:
Strategy 1: Promote Smart Exhibition Space Application
(1)Exhibition Space Applied at Smart Park Project
Plan all kinds of smart information application services, put information technologies and exhibition together, includes smart services and simulation of the park on touch screen devices. It should also enables users to serach for information of the park as they needed. A virture guide application will also be included.
(2) Smart Building Management Project
With concepts of energy saving, security, and cloud, the spaorts center uses eco-friendly materials, renewable energy, green technologies to construct the building. The center can be access by people  with personal spaorts cards or smart bracelet, and the sport lessons can be booked online.
Hakka Culture Exhibition Center VR Tour
Strategy 2: Promote Smart School and Education
(1)Cloud Learning Plan 
Introduce tablet PCs to classrooms and design learning program and exchange experience with other cities.
Longtan Shih Men Elementary School E classroom
(2)Technology fortified school safety plan
Taoyuan Citizen Card can be used as student ID, help manage student’s attendant, learning profile, library book rental, equipment rental and other management. DFR technology can identify suspicious suspects and report to the guards to attend to their whereabouts to secure the safety of the school.
Strategy 3: Building of Smart Living Using Information and Communication Technology
(1)Citizen Card Value Added promotional Plan
Many technologies nowadays aim to benefit people’s life, and Taoyuan Citizen Card is a multi-functional card that fulfills this category. It can act as an ID card, library card, electronic wallet, and will soon be able to be used for transportation, bike rental and a sports card at the public sports center. It can improve citizen’s life greatly and in the future, the mobile citizen card can be used on 4G smart phones. It will have a mobile payment function, and people can access the card without carrying one.
(2)Smart Transportation System Integration Plan 
Smart Bus System uses advance information technologies to enhance traffic information update, using application of multimedia to assist user to obtain bus route, and help them to enjoy a more convenient trip. The system also include a parking management system that allows geographic information platform to help with management of the parking data.
(3)Smart Medical and Healthcare Network Expansion Plan
Healthcare service industry has developed towards prevention caring, and will rely more on technologies such as information and communication technologies. There is an urge of promotion of new forms of service and operation model, and society need to cope with them as soon as possible. New programs such as distance healthcare services that provide integrated services of healthcare knowledge, health examination and risk assessment are needed for raising service efficiency in the rural area. There are also a senior caring program that uses RFID in senior care centers to aid with management of healthcare for the elderly people.
(4) Citizen Sport and Healthcare Platform Project
Citizen cards are encouraged to be also used as sports card. It can be used at both private and public ports centers. As it contain the user's personal information, trainings can be recorded. The platform is also integrated with sport facilities, after inserting the cards, suggestions of training can be given. Personal movile devices can also be integrated with platform application and help citizen to plan and manage their exercise routines.
(5) Smart Tourism Experience Platform Project
Electronic tickets are designed to be used in tourism factory, all kinds of exhibitions, malls, or even tourism farms. There will also be information technologies integrated to help design interactive events. RFID, QR code, beacon and smart lable devices are also used.  Applications on mobile devices can provide tours or route suggestions. LBS and beacon locationing technologies will also help provides local event information and discounts.
(6) Smart Culture and Creativie Platform Project
Information platform will encourage culture and creative business to advance, and with promotions on the platform, sales of the products can be boost. 
Art Matsu Village Culture and Creative Smart Platform

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