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Smart Industries

  There are three strategies in Smart Industries, and as an industrial city, Taoyuan has a solid foundation. Smart Industry 4.0 adds value to the industries; green industry is also promoted in Taoyuan, with award schemes and smart industry advice team in place; promotes O2O Smart Operation mode to become Taiwan’s top logistic alliance that runs with smart technologies. Some related plans are as follow:

Strategy 1: Smart Industry 4.0

(1) Productive Forces Assistance 4.0 Project
Connects technology resources of international advanced countries, and import their experts and ICT technologies, to help bring together smart industry development, and strengthern ICT industry with value added services, innovations, and smart industry solutions.
(2) Industry Advice and Reward Measure Project
The project assist industry to develop towards 4.0, by providing rewards and advices, and providing transformation polocies, financing facilities, and venture capotal funds, and land use assistances.
(3) Building Logistic Industry Information Exchange Machanism
The project promotes smart logistic industry, apply e-business and IoT applcations, as well as smart technologies, information platforms in logistic industries, and help with exchange between the logistic industry and the communication industry.
(4) Promotion of Argriculture 4.0 Project
Agriculture 4.0 is combining digital services and smart production, using sensing technology, smart devices, IoT, and big data analysis to agriculture.

Strategy 2: Smart Infrastructure Promotion

(1)Promote Green and Intelligent Building Industry Plan




Promote Smart Intelligent Green Building


(2)Promote Smart Green Industry Plan
To promote the development of low pollution, low energy, low water usage, and high added value, Taoyuan is committed to guide and help the smart green energy industries such as solar energy, LED lighting industry, wind energy, and other energy and information communication industries to transform into a higher value service, in order to lower energy usage and carbon emission, and consolidate the strength and image of the city.

Strategy 3: Promote O2O Smart Operation Mode

(1)development of mobile shopping mall application
To bring life and sustain the development of local shopping malls, the government plans to develop a mobile application so the tourist can have a better shopping experience. The application will allow stores to publish their new items and related information. As for the customers, there will be LBS services andaugmented reality tours for direction.

A mobile application

(2)Bid data analysis and management platform
The big data analysis and management platform of malls can integrate and analysis different information received and helps with manager to manage the mall with popular store and spaces, commodity promotions, and consumer line analysis.
(3) Project of Local Innovation and Incubation of Business and Talans
Government, local business, and university work together, help innovative buiness  to use smart technologies to help with business management, sales, and fund raising.
(4)Agriculture produce O2O promotion plan
The government will build selling contact and location both online and offline, and exhibit local produce to market special local produce.


O2O promotion plan

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