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International Cooperation

Asia Silicon Valley connects to the world
Taoyuan is Taiwan’s most important industrial city and logistic base, it has all the excellent environment and condition to excel further. The city will work with central government in the future to promote and launch Asia Silicon Valley Project, set Qing-Pu Smart District (also called Aerotopolis Qing-Pu District) as the demo site, and execute a three-stage project.  The project will help connects local international youths’ career village and encourage them to start a career or business in Taiwan; it will becomes Asia’s innovative IPO center. Taoyuan City Government will also be working with international companies to build smart application innovation centers and experiment labs, in order to gather the local power of research and development, and open up the Asian market. The logistic resources of Taoyuan will also aids the city to connect with international businesses, cross-field production, and become the new interchange hub, and raise the industry strategy location of Taiwan. Qing-Pu will become the starting point of Taoyuan smart industry, smart living, and smart city govern.



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