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  In order to develop the highlights of the local advantages, to strengthen the narrative marketing of the public's point of view, and to realize the integrated benefits of the related projects, the city government integrates the experience of managing smart city projects over the years, and plans the 10 major themes of Taoyuan smart city application.

  1. Citizen Card Application: The Citizen Card Project Office integrates the links of airport MRT, bus and merchants, and promotes public participation through preferential projects to reach citizens’ demands. It also incorporates the budget proposal workshop with the citizens.
  2. Energy Sustainability: The Green Energy Office accelerates the promotion of green energy and drives the development of green energy industry, such as solar photovoltaic, campus iEN, smart street lighting, smart power saving and wind power generation.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Through smart water management and integrated environmental monitoring of air quality, water quality, and business waste, plus energy-saving and carbon-reduction programs to achieve environmental sustainability.
  4. Smart Transportation and Green Transportation: Taoyuan established Taiwan Logistics Alliance to introduce smart technology. We also built airport MRT, railway transport, electric bus, U-Bike, U-Moto, U-Car and six-phase eco-vehicles, and engaged citizen card discount to benefit the people.
  5. Sensor Networks Infrastructure and Applications: Taoyuan currently has more than 16,620 WiFi hotspots for public use; We're also planning to build IoT micro cell sites (Small Cell) based on 4G/5G infrastructure to cover the entire city with sensor networks, in order to provide effective applications to benefit the citizens.
  6. Promote Youth Entrepreneurship: In addition to the fundamental education of primary and secondary schools, Taoyuan developed youth innovation headquarter, Andong start-up hub, Hsinming start-up hub, followed up by Hutoushan innovation base, Zhongyuan entrepreneurship innovation center, Young-lion international youth village and Asia sillicon valley innovation R&D center. Help young people find a way out, and find opportunities for enterprises to drive Taiwan's next generation of industry and connect with the world.
  7. Smart Education: In response to the demand of AI industry, the development of computational thinking at Taoyuan has taken root from primary schools, programming cultivation from secondary schools and AI talent cultivation from universities as respectively.
  8. Smart Robot Services: The development of learning and elderly companion robots combined with the municipal 1999 service makes robots a good partner for citizens. Through interaction, robots can stimulate children's motivation and become a good helper. Smart robots can be placed in hospitals, elderly nursing homes and other units.
  9. Smart Medical Care and Long-term Care: Through smart medical service platform (multi-service combined with remote, rehabilitation car and medical housekeeper), long-term 2.0 community care and smart application, combined with smart detection equipment (wearing device or bracelet) and emergency services to improve medical care and long-term quality.
  10. Public Safety and Disaster Prevention:
  • In terms of law and order, the city's policing video recording system has a total of 3,036 intersection monitoring points and 18,000 cameras, which will enhance the accuracy of vehicle identification and real-time tracking targets to effectively assist in the investigation of various criminal cases.
  • In terms of monitoring construction, the city's smart disaster prevention has been integrated into the water level monitoring station, the water disaster prevention information network, the water information system APP, the water conservancy management system, the water conservancy facility operation inspection system and the 119 disaster relief information action platform in order to monitor various disasters and reduce the damage caused by disasters.
  • In terms of pollution, the city's environmental information and early pollution warning monitoring system has been fully digitalized, combined with water quality monitoring stations to monitor the city's discharge water volume.
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