Zhongli District

Zhongli District: Future Port of Taiwan to the World

With an area of 76.5 km2 and a population of 380,829 people, Zhongli is the second largest city located in the heart of Taoyuan City. It is a terrace crossed by the Laojie River and the Xinjie River, and it was known as the Jianzili. The name “Zhongli” came from its location, which is at the midway station for both merchants and travelers. The development of the city started up by Hakka people from Guangdong during the Qianlong Regime of the Qing Dynasty. Today, it has become the CBD(Central Business District)of southern Taoyuan and the center for Hakka people in northern Taiwan.
Zhongli District-longun library
Zhongli District-temple
Zhongli was the first to be elevated into a county municipality in Taoyuan. It is very prosperous in terms of economy and its administrative district planning is quite mature. The city is divided into four areas by topography: the Central District, Neili, Longgang and Dalun. Most of the Zongli City’s business is based on industrial development. Education and cultural awareness are also flourishing in the city, making Zhongli the leading education center in Taoyuan. There are seven universities and colleges in the city: National
Central University, Chung Yuan Christian University, Yuan Ze University, Sheng-te Christian College, Taoyuan Innovation of Technology, Vanung University and Chien Hsin University Science and Technology. This concentration of colleges and universities has led to an increase of civil servants, teachers, and immigrating population who seek for better education. All these factors have brought
great changes into the city.The area around the railway station, Zhongshan Road and Zhongzheng Road, is currently the most active place in Zhongli. Department stores and shops are located here as well. Zhongzheng Park, Yuan Guang Temple, and Jen Hai Temple are all good places for tourists to visit. Taoyuan’s high-speed rail station, Qingpu station is also located in Zhongli. It links up Taoyuan International Airport
and nearby cities and had shortened the proximity in Taoyuan, making Zhongli the center of all transportation routes in Taoyuan City.
Zhongli District
Zhongli District-river
Zhongli District-night-market
Zhongli District-field