Yangmei District

Yangmei District- District for Agriculture and Industry

Yangmei was named Yangmeili in the Qing Dynasty because the entire valley was covered with plums. It was renamed Yangmei in 1920. It occupies an area of 89.12 km2 and has a population of 156,464 which consists of mostly Hakka people that had settled around Yangmei, Pusin and Fugang. Yangmei has been a transportation center since ancient times. Today, its outbound transportation is very convenient. Tourism tea gardens and leisure farms are the major resources and features of Yangmei. Natural green pastures and hillsides attract city dwellers.
Livestock industry is a major industry in Yangmei. Its pig and dairy cattle output is the second largest in the city, and its duck and goose output is the largest. Yangmei is also very proud of its development of industrial parks. Famous industrial parks in the city include Youshih Industry Park, Dasing Industrial Park, Gaosanding Industrial Park, and Shayinyin Industrial Park. They have not only brought countless job opportunities to the district but have also given rise to the largest container warehousing industry in Taiwan.

People are busy picking tea and pasturing cattle while container trucks are running one after the other on the other side. Yangmei has become a district of agriculture and industry.
This district is surrounded by mountains, and farming has naturally become its major source of income. The peach is the representative specialty of Fuxing District. In addition, green bamboo shoots, tea, mushrooms, and flowers are the major crops grown there. The output of poinsettias reaches 150,000 pots a year and commands 21.5% of the market, and is a typical specialty of the district.
The most famous and popular scenic spot in Yangmei is the Weicyuan Pusin Pasture which packs in visitors during the holidays. Yangsheng Golf Course and Bogong Mountain are ideal spots to visit during holidays.