Xinwu District

Xinwu District: The Largest Barn of Taoyuan

Xinwu was the first place where the Pingpu tribe practiced cultivation and hunting. In the early years of the Qianlong Regime, the Fan-Jiang family built a luxury residence here after a hundred years of cultivation. It was thus named Xinwu, meaning the new home. In 1945, the place was formally renamed as Xinwu Township. On December 25, 2014,it was renamed as Xinwu District of Taoyuan City. It has a population of about 48,063 people and an area of 85.02 km2. Its shape looks like a Guanyin statue and it was a sparsely populated coastal district where life was not easy, therefore emigration was common.
In terms of cultural resources for tourism, Yong-an Harbor and oyster farms in the district are the most famous. The screw pine wind-breaking forest along the coast is a habitat for various bird species. This natural pollution-free environment makes the place an ideal spot for bird watching. The Fan-Jiang Ancient House, which is over 130 years old, has been classified as a Class 3 Historical Relic. The Jiudou Village Leisure Farm is a typical Hakka agricultural village. Both spots are ideal for recreational purposes.
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Xinwu District