Taoyuan District

Taoyuan District: Political and Economic Center of Taoyuan

With an area of 34.8km2 and a population of 448,940 people, Taoyuan District is the political and economic center of the city. Taoyuan District is the capital of the city and where the Taoyuan City Government is located. It is currently themost populated district in the city and it is where the railway station and freeway exits are located. This makes transportation very convenient. Taoyuan District benefits from the railway grade separation, and will become even more prosperous in the future.

Jingfu Temple is an ancient structure and also a landmark in Taoyuan District. From the temple along Zhongzheng Road down to
the railway station, shops can be found on both sides of the road. At night, the night market is crowded with people and made the night market scene looked amazingly lively.

The railway station is the boundary between the old and the new streets of Taoyuan District. In addition, the business in front of the station is very prosperous, featuring shops, large department stores, and financial organizations. Behind the station, the district is primarily industry based, featuring a wide range of factories.
In response to the development of Taoyuan metropolis and business opportunities around the international airport, new high-rise buildings have been built around Daxing West Road, Guoji Road, towering into the sky on spacious streets. This can attract not only people outside of the city, but also foreigners to consider invest in properties in Taoyuan District, making it a truly globalizing city.
The two major relaxation spots for local residents include Wenchang Park and Hutoushan Park. They are built in an European garden style with long and winding paths located in the urban area. They are ideal spots for leisure and
recreation during holidays. Even though they are both located within the urban area, they are still great for hiking exercises due to their gentle slopes, gorgeous scenery, and natural environment.
Jingfu Temple
Jingfu Temple
 Hutoushan Park
 Hutoushan Park