Mayor Cheng heads to Japan to visit Chiba, Narita, Choshi, and Shiroi for a sister city exchange and observation visit.

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Department of Public Information
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Press Liaison Section

Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan has led a city government team to Japan on an observation trip that will last from August 6 to 12. Zhan He-shun, Director of the Information Department of Taoyuan City Government, stated that this visit to Chiba, Narita, Choshi, and Shiroi, will focus on offshore wind power, long-term care, aquariums, and art museums for in-depth exchange and observation.

Director Zhan pointed out that the planned itinerary involves visits to local overseas compatriots and government circles. As August 9 is the third anniversary of Taoyuan and Chiba becoming sister cities, Chiba invited Taoyuan to visit Japan. The city government team will make every effort to market Taoyuan through every international exchange opportunity. It aims to maintain close relationships with sister cities and, moreover, hopes to build extensive and diverse relationships with Japan with regard investment, culture, nongovernmental exchange, and other areas.
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