Death Registration

Release unit:
Department of Civil Affairs, Taoyuan
Release Date:

1.Death Registration: spouse, relatives, head of the household, cohabitants, person who handles the funeral, landlord or property holder when the person was dead.
2.Death Announcement Registration: claimer of death announcement or stakeholder.
Required Documents
1.The death certificate issued by prosecutors office, military prosecutors office, or medical institution, or the judgment paper of death declared by the court.
2.The applicant's identity card and stamper (or signature).
3.The identity card and household certificate of the dead. If the dead has a spouse, the spouse should prepare his/her identity card as well. Furthermore, one front and half-body colored photo in two years and the fee of 50 NTD for card change are required.
4.If the applicant entrusts an agent to file application, the power of attorney and the trustee's ID card as well as stamper (or signature) are needed. 
5.For those who dies overseas, with the death certificate issued by the hospital where one dies must be verified by Taiwan Embassy, Representative Office, Office Agency or other authorized offices by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If it is a foreign language certificate, it should be translated into Chinese and verified by the foreign unit, re-examined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or notarized by the court or the notary public office.
6.If one encounters a disaster and the body has not been found, making it insufficient to proclaim death. The case should be first noted as missing person until the interested parties or prosecutors apply to the court for declaration of death, and the application of death declaration registration should be filed afterwards.
7.Death certificate from mainland China must be verified by Straits Exchange Foundation.
8.The death declaration registration is exempted from urging procedure and is governed by the household registration office.