Birth Registration

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Department of Civil Affairs, Taoyuan
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 For Birth Registration
The applicant must be applied by one of the relatives including father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, head of the household, cohabitation, or adopter. He or she should prepare the following items to the household registration office in which area the registrant wants to establish his or her household registration:
1.Birth certificate (original is required)
2.Household certificate, applicant's identity card and their stamper (or signature). Also, the marriage or cohabitation date of the parents must be provided. 
3.If the applicant entrusts others to file application, the power of attorney, the ID card, and stamper(or signature) of the trustee are needed. 
4.Child's Surname Agreement (Legitimate children of Taiwanese citizens with foreign spouses should be complied with the name rules in Taiwan) is only exempted if it has been clearly written on the birth certificate. (The subject field should be signed or sealed by the parents of the newborn).
5.Orphan's birth registration should be made by baby's photo and the public documents approved by police agencies.
6.Applicant applied with the identity of a stakeholder should attach a document of interest.
Birth Registration
Birth Registration