2016 Personal Learning Award of New Immigrants-Chen Yu Lian

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Department of Education
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1. She studies hard and behaves actively. She usually serves as a judge of beauty contest in the industry. She was invited to serve as a chief expert in the international group of MNS International Elite Cup in Michigan. She was recognized by the international society.
2. She has several licenses and is willing to teach her sisters the cosmetology she learns.
3. She usually serves as a volunteer, and solves her sisters' family problems. It makes her recognized and popular with many people.

 I have lived in Taiwan for 15 years. I like to learn cosmetology and join in courses about how to take care of Vietnamese sisters. The more I learn, the more feedback I can provide to the society. I am grateful to Taoyuan Vietnamese Spouse Right Promotion Association's care for Vietnamese sisters. I can learn happily, get adapted to Taiwan quickly, and meet lots of friends. I hope the government can hold more such activities to encourage us to learn and make the society full of care and warmth. 

2016 Personal Learning Award of New Immigrants-陳郁蓮
2016 Personal Learning Award of New Immigrants-陳郁蓮-2