The outstanding migrant workers

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Department of Labor
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        With industry development and aging population, many young adults work outside of their hometowns and are not able to look after the elderly in their families. Coupled with the increasing needs of labor force in manufacturing (especially that Taoyuan has manufacturing as its primate industry), the demand in migrant workers grows day by day. The life management, rights protection and welfare strategies are the long-term working objects for Taoyuan City. According to the statistics of Ministry of Labor, there are above 97 thousand migrant workers in Taoyuan City, which is the biggest number in Taiwan. Migrant workers came to Taiwan to work on their own and dedicated themselves to manufacturing, business and construction, or as domestic nursing workers.
        The outstanding migrant workers selection activity selects 40 outstanding migrant workers based on the recommendation of their employers and agencies and awards them with recognition in public. The activity is held to spread the emphasis of government towards different communities and reward those migrant workers who put efforts and dedication to the society. In addition to recognizing the migrant workers' dedication to work and living, the activity provides role models of migrant workers. The government also invites employers to attend reward ceremony to share the glory with migrant workers and connect the bonds between them, making friendly working environment for migrant workers. Furthermore, the ceremony encourages employers to treat these friends from different countries nicely and be thankful for their selfless dedication, and it hopes to promote the development of positive labor relations.
Excellence Award
Group: Industrial Group
Company: AU Optronics Corporation Lungke Science Park
Working period in Taiwan: 4 years and 8 months
1. Hard-working: He could take over jobs at any time or even help out the colleagues in all the 11 working stations of the department. Moreover, he offered his concerns to the colleagues when they felt sick at work. Apart from investigating the cause of labor force shortage and partaking the jobs, he furthermore put forth improvement plans to relive the shortage and was relied and praised by the supervisor. Also, he was rewarded as the Golden prize employee in June 2016.
2. In the migrant workers reunion activities, he plays the guitar and actively assists the priest when he comes to the factory to serve. He plays as a key role in the spiritual reliance and uniting among migrant employees.
3. Willing to show personal skills and won the painting competition in the company twice. He helped the company to make promotion posters, served as communication training professional for new workers, and dedicated in helping colleagues accommodate to the environment.
Winner's Feedback
Hi, I am PE-JAY. I came from Philippines and work in AU Optronics Corporation Lungke Science Park. During the years in Taiwan, I learnt different languages, culture and techniques. Although I have faced bottlenecks in the beginning and felt frustrated because of the unaccustomedness. However, the supports among colleagues made me more and more active, hard-working, and willing to put efforts to this land of Taiwan. I am thankful for my company holding diverse activities where I learnt the happiness of group communication through participation. I am grateful that the company recommended me to join the competition, which is a great recognition and support. I will put more efforts in occupation and life and make myself a better person!
Excellence Award
Group: Society Welfare Group
Occupation: Domestic Nursing Workers
Working period in Taiwan: 4 years and 5 months
Recommendation Unit: Yuan-Xion Human Resources Management and Consulting Co., Ltd. 
1. As a good listener who constantly improved the level of caring service, she became an indispensable assistant of the employer and care recipient. She has appropriate manners of dealing with people and will not be tempted by small advantages.
2. She loves the culture in Taiwan and has worked overseas since she was young. To her, the place provides her with a sense of identity. All employers, neighbors, and people from the same country show admiration and supports towards her courage of transferring difficulties into motivation.
3. A good cook who shares her best dishes with everybody in her leisure time, which brings her popularity.
Winner's Feedback:
I came to Taiwan to make money for my family. I love to take care of elderly people because they are like babies who need to be looked after. Every time I see grandma, I think of my parents in hometown. Looking after grandma is like looking after my parents. I want to take good care of grandma to thank her for giving me the opportunity. Though I sometimes thought of my relatives and friends in hometown, grandma and her family treated me as one of their family members, which made me feel like I was in my own hometown. I am grateful to the employers, members in the agency and all the others. If I have a chance, I would still choose to continue working in Taiwan. Thank you all.