QHow to eliminate the breeding sources?

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Department of Public Health
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The breeding sources are the places where infected mosquitoes' larvae and/or pupae live. For Dengue fever, the breeding sources are all the water storage containers. The only way to eliminate breeding sources is to keep all the containers neat and tidy, and to avoid discarding water storage containers. For instance:

1. Containers for aquatic plants: Common aquatic plants include Ivy Arum, Rohdea, and Water lettuce.
  • (1) Put small stones or colorful colloids in the container, and the water level should not be higher than the top of stones/colloids.
  • (2) Place mosquito fish like Guppy, Belly fish, or Taiwanese Fighting fish into containers of aquatic plants.
2. Containers for water storage: Common water containers include clay urns, concrete sinks, and buckets for washing, drinking, and for watering plants.
  • (1) Store the unused containers upside down.
  • (2) Place lids or seals on the containers when in use.
  • (3) If the containers need to be left open for special reasons, you can raise some mosquito fish or Cyclopidae in it.
3. Discarded containers: Do not discard or pile up containers outdoors. Common container wastes include beverage cans, lunch boxes, washbasins, aquarium, and bathtubs.
4. Artificial landscape: During construction, prevent landscape from water gathering. For example, avoid leaving water pits around the running water in the yard landscape.
5. Natural containers: For natural containers such as tree holes or bamboo tubes, you can keep them from water by filling them with soil and put plants on top.