QIf the children at home infected with enterovirus, what are the things we need to pay attention to?

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Department of Public Health
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  Children should rest at home and drink more water. If children have the symptoms such as ''persistent fever, sleepiness, confusion, decreased activity, feeble hands and feet'', ''myoclonic seizure (twitch while falling asleep)'', ''continued vomiting'' and “shortness of breath or rapid heartbeat ''and other severe precursors, the children should be quickly sent to the enterovirus liability hospitals of Taoyuan City (Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Saint Paul's Hospital, Taoyuan General Hospital of Ministry of Health and Welfare, Min Sheng General Hospital, Landseed Hospital) for medical treatment.

  Toys are often the media that children are infected with enterovirus, especially the fluffy toys, because there exist many dead ends, where the virus is easy to hide and get into children's body through mouth and nose while they are playing and biting these toys. And the places where children often contact, such as gates, tables and chairs, dining tables, staircase handrails, etc., should be regularly wiped and disinfected by using diluted 500PPM chlorine bleach (in general, the ratio of the bleach products sold in stores is 1: 100 ratio of bleach and water) to effectively kill the enterovirus, and then put it aside for 10 minutes and then wipe with water to reduce the smell.
For those young children who have the suspected infection of enterovirus, they should follow doctor's instructions to receive medical treatment, rest at home, not go to school or public places to avoid increasing the risk of community communication, and they should be properly isolated from their siblings to avoid infection. Especially the family which has infants or young children at home need to be particularly careful. The sources of enterovirus infection of young children are often adults or siblings at home. The virous amount of the second child infected with enterovirus is often higher, and the symptoms may be more severe.
    Because adults may also get asymptomatic infection, while coming back home after work, the adults must change clothes and wash hands with soap before hold a child. If adults take children out, while coming back home or before eating, the children must wash their hands properly to avoid the infection of enterovirus.