QWhat kinds of items are recyclable?

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Department of Environmental Protection
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I. To reinforce the effective use of resources and reduce garbage, in accordance with the Waste Disposal Act Article 15, Paragraph 2, the Environmental Protection Administration rules the recyclable waste items can be categorized as containers and objects and can be further classified as into 13 types 33 items.

II. Detailed Category as Follows:

(I).Containers: 1.(1) Waste Iron Containers 2.(2) Waste Aluminum Containers 3.(3) Waste Glass Containers 4.(4)Waste Aluminum Foil Packages(5) Waste Paper Containers 5. Waste Plastic Containers: (6)PET (7)PVC (8)PE (9)PP (10)PS (non-foam) (11) PS (foam) (12) Other plastics (13) Biomass Plastics 6.(14) Waste Pesticide container

(II). Objects 7.(15) Waste Dry Battery 8.(16) Waste Car (17) Waste Motorcycle 9.(18) Waste Tire 10.(19) Waste Lead-acid Battery 11. Waste IT Equipment including: (20) Waste Portable Computer (Waste Notebook or Tablet) (21) Waste Computer Case (22) Waste Motherboard(23) Waste Monitor(24) Waste Hard Disk Driver (25) Waste Printer (26) Waste Power Supplies(27) Waste Keyboard 12. Waste Electronic and Electric Appliances including: (28) Waste Television (29) Waste Washing Machine (30) Waste Refrigerator (31) Waste Air-Conditioner or Waste Heater (32) Waste Electric Fan 13.(33) Waste Light