Dayuan District

Dayuan District: An International Airport City

People in Dayuan relied on growing vegetables and sweet potatos as their source of income in the past. This area was originally named “Daciuyuan” because of its abundant growing of agricultural products, and it was later named Dayuan during the Japanese colonization. The population of Dayuan is about 84,277 people and most of them are of Fujianese descendant. Residents here practice both agriculture and aquaculture. It is also worthy to note that the chicken output in Dayuan District ranks No.1 in Taoyuan City.
Taoyuan International Airport is located in the district, and has brought radical changes to its industrial structure. To cope with needs associated with passenger and cargo transportation, the local business and service industry began to develop. The development of the integrated industrial park also gave the manufacturing industries a huge boost. Industrial development, land use and transportation planning near the airport have revolutionized Dayuan. The international airport city project has been approved by the government for the construction of international conference centers, distribution centers, and business industrial parks.
Though the district occupies an area of 87.39 km2, the available land is relatively small because its land use is restricted and governed by the Taoyuan International Airport. Therefore, the government has invested in large-scale tourism and recreation areas. Zhuwei Harbor, Seafood Street, and beach amusement parks will be new scenic spots in Dayuan.