Daxi District

Daxi District: The Garden City of Culture

Nomination:Daxi was renamed ”Dagusian” by Atayal. It was also renamed “Dagukan” by immigrants of Zhangzhou. Then, it was nominated “Dakekan” because of Mr. Li Teng-Fang who was a successful candidate in the imperial examination. Finally, “Daxi” was the official name in 1920.

Human geography:There has a population of 91,878 and total area is 105.12 kilometers square. It’s a textbook example of agricultural country with spectacular mountains arround . The most of citizens are decendants of Fujianese immirgrants.
Dasi Old Style House
Geographical environments:During Daoguang and Guangxu regimes of Qing Dynasty, the Dahan river and Tamsui river were converged together, therefore many sailboats and junks could sail from Tamsui to Dakekan.

Commercial:For prosperous business, Numerous merchants from all over the world do business in the commercial city. Actually, Daxi was not only the inland port but also was the exporting port for agricultural products, daily groceries, tea and camphor oil from Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli in Taiwan. There were over 300 trade companies assembled on Heping Road. Sightseeing and foods: Up till now, the Daxi Old Street is presenting the original magnificient landscape architecture.
Dasi Old Street
Furthermore, Daxi, a scenic wonderland with pure water and beautiful mountains. The dried Tofu is one of the world’s best-known gourmet. Another specialities are refind wood handicrafts.

Following aggressive promotion of intensive farming, many leisure farms and orchid gardens have become hot spots in recent year.

Some farmers plant extensively lotuses in the marshland. That’s another famous products in Daxi. It’s a great pleasure to visit here, the elegant city. There are so many distinguishing characteristic attractions:The Cihu Mausoleum, Asia Amusement Park, Longjuwan, Peach Blossom Garden Leisure Farm, Jaiming Temple, Mt. Lianzo, and so on.

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Daxi District old road
Daxi District park
Daxi District house
Daxi District wooden meseum
Daxi District wooden meseum
Daxi District old street
Daxi District park
daxi old room
daxi bridge