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Contact Information
  • Chinese Name: 消防局
    English Name: Fire Department
    Address: No. 280, Lixing Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 33054, Taiwan, (R.O.C.)
    Website: Fire Department
    TEL: 03-3379119

    Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Section
    TEL: 03-3379119 #390-398
    FAX: 03-3372788
    Fire Prevention Section
    TEL: 03-3379119 #630-649
    FAX: 03-3351924
    Hazardous Materials Management Section
    TEL: 03-3379119 #125-130
    FAX: 03-3375575
    Disaster Rescue Section
    TEL: 03-3379119 #300-309
    FAX: 03-3473755
    Disaster Preparedness and Response Section
    TEL: 03-3379119 #650-660
    FAX: 03-3351994
    Emergency Medical Service Section
    TEL: 03-3379119 #310-317
    FAX: 03-3344365
    Training Section
    TEL: 03-3658722 #501
    FAX: 03-3650719
    Fire Investigation Section
    TEL: 03-3379119 #320-329
    FAX: 03-3349113
    Emergency and Rescue Command Center
    TEL: 03-3379119 #675
    FAX: 03-3371119
    Inspectors Office
    TEL: 03-3379119 #150-157
    FAX: 03-3375595
    Administration Office
    TEL: 03-3379119 #617-618
    FAX: 03-3351953
    Accounting Office
    TEL: 03-3379119 #351-356
    FAX: 03-3351890
    Personnel Office
    TEL: 03-3379119 #106-112
    FAX: 03-3473729
    Governmental Ethics Office
    TEL: 03-3379119 #360-364
    FAX: 03-3351654
To Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions
  • The main task of the Fire Department is as follows:
    1. Fire prevention
    2. Disaster rescue
    3. Emergency Medical Service
    4. Disaster prevention
    There are 8 Section, 5 Office, 1 Center, 4 Corps, 1 Search & Rescue Corps, 2 Accountable Medical Team, 4 Search & Rescue Team, 40 Branch, and for a total 1688 staffs. There are 1261 employees at present.

    Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Section
    1. Draw out a disaster management plan of our city and audit the disaster management plans of the concerned villages and towns.
    2. Hold disaster management related conference in our city.
    3. Make a collective promotion of the disaster management laws and regulations, as well as a disaster management system.
    4. Promoting disaster awareness education for school, business and communities personnel.
    5. Undertake and advance fire precautions, disasters mitigation and preparedness systems to avoid potential disaster.
    Fire Prevention Section
    1. Promote fire prevention knowledge.
    2. Administer, supervise and review the inspection of fire control equipments.
    3. Offer informations on fire control equipment and prevention equipment.
    4. Management of hazardous materials, inflammable high-pressure gas and fireworks.
    5. Handle fire control law violations.
    6. Plan and make collaborative inspections to maintain public security.
    7. Other fire prevention application and works.
    Hazardous Materials Management Section
    1. Plan, carry out, consult the following public hazardous materials include flammable high pressure gas, firecrackers, the setup of gas-operated hot-water heater.
    2. Manage the precaution of carbon monoxide poisoning.
    3. Expose of the private hold hazardous materials and arbitrate them.
    Disaster Rescue Section
    1. Improve the efficiency of disaster rescue and increase fire-fighter rescue capability.
    2. Acquire firefighting vehicles and equipment, strengthen fire capability of rescue.
    3. Educate drowning preventions to complete disaster rescue task effectively.
    4. Strengthen volunteer firefighting forces and trainings.
    5. Strengthen exchanges among NGO to enhance supporting forces for disaster rescue.
    Disaster Preparedness and Response Section
    1. Hold natural disaster exercises in our city.
    2. Operate Taoyuan Emergency Operation Center.
    3. Manage and plan the Disaster Response Resource Database.
    4. Organize and prepare the Disaster Management Training Program for necessary personnel.
    Emergency Medical Service Section
    1. Execute operations concerning Emergency Rescue.
    2. Educate firefighters the emergency rescue techniques.
    3. Advocate the emergency rescue knowledge.
    Training Section
    1. Hold continuously training courses including knowledge, skill and multiple disciplines to all colleagues, in order to update and extend those services offered by the Bureau.
    2. Perform orientation to assist new members to facilitate serving firefighting duty and keeping self safety promptly.
    3. Carry on a series of secondary specialty training courses such as search and rescue training, swimming, diving and driving... etc.
    4. Elect outstanding firefighters as a role of model, thereby elevating the image and reputation of firefighter.
    5. Carry on internship program for the students of the Central Police University and Taiwan Police College during summer and winter breaks.
    6. Design training courses and edit curriculum materials to reflect modern firefighting practices.
    Fire Investigation Section
    1. Issuance of fire certificates.
    2. Fire investigation and analysis.
    3. Laboratory management.
    4. Statistics analysis.
    Emergency and Rescue Command Center
    1. Responsible for mobilizing all firefighting actions and ambulance resources, and to receive those complaints about fire hazards and dangerous goods.
    2. Act as an emergency coordinator to coordinate other government departments and public utilities, within a major incident.
    3. Install a new generation mobilizing system at the center to enhance the accuracy of location identification and mobilization of the resources, to improve the efficiency of firefighting actions and rescue operations.
    Inspectors Office
    We plan and manage the duties of firefighters, and inspect the loss violation affairs occurred in the implementing emergency reliefs, condolences, and other services.
  • 職稱: Director-General
    姓名: Hu Yin-da
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