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109-12-01 Tue.

Contact Information
  • Chinese Name: 農業局
    English Name: Department of Agriculture
    Address: 4F, No.1, Xianfu Rd, Taoyuan District,Taoyuan , 33001, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    TEL: 03-3322101 #5488
    FAX: 03-3324701

    Agricultural Affairs Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #5460-5462
    FAX: 03-3377491
    Forestry Management Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #5480-5482
    FAX: 03-3367087
    Fishery and Husbandry Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #5454-5456
    FAX: 03-3382548
    Agriculture Consulting Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #5410-5412
    FAX: 03-3365548
    Agricultural Land Management Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #5483-5485
    FAX: 03-3392038
To Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions
  • The Taoyuan City Government Department of Agriculture is aiming at the development of modern agriculture. The agricultural development is facing several issues such as lack of agricultural manpower, global climate anomaly, environmental conservation, foreign pest control, and so on. Nowadays, people value both food safety and safe pesticide usage. Therefore, our main goal is make consumers eat safely and healthy.
    We devote to the promotions of quality agriculture, organic agriculture products, safe drug usage, non-toxic agricultural environment, agricultural recreation, rural village beautification, and holding “Taoyuan Flower Festival” during fallow time to provide sales channels by combining agriculture production and daily life.
    We pay attention to preserve Taoyuan’s unique algal reef and be proud of having the natural landscapes. We better the facilities and environments of the fishing ports that are located in Taoyuan, and let the fishing ports be the tourist attractions. We create the friendly environment by improving livestock facilities, and reduce the waste production from polluting the river. We manage the animal shelter affairs and owner liabilities for animal conservation.
    Here’s the responsibilities of the different divisions, the Agriculture Affair Section manages the agriculture production techniques and agriculture pollutions affaires. The Forestry Management Section aims at plants cultivation and protection, and the nature conservation. The Fisheries and Husbandry Section is responsible for the fishing ports managements, fisheries and husbandry affairs. The Support Section manages the farmers’ associations and the promotion of agricultural recreation. The Agriculture Land Management Section manages agriculture land affairs. The Animal Protection office administrate animal conservation and quarantine affaires.

    Agricultural Affairs Section
    1.Adjustments to paddy fields; upland utilization.
    2.Improving production technology for vegetables, floriculture, fruit trees and agricultural specialties.
    3.Organic fertilizer promotion.
    4.Promotion of new crops.
    5.Counseling on production decisions.
    6.Farm field and plant seed registration and management.
    7.Preventing the spread of red imported fire ants, Pomacea canaliculata, commonly known as channeled apple snails, and other pests.
    8.Evaluation of agricultural crops and dealing with agricultural pollution and so on.
    Forestry Management Section
    1.Dealing with “Ground forest ” planting plan.
    2.Promoting greening work for the whole Taoyuan City.
    3.Promoting afforestation, and strengthening afforestation reserves on hillsides.
    4.Protecting natural habitats and ecological reserves.
    5.Protecting wildlives and plants to maintain biological diversity.
    6.Increasing the diversity in seedlings, afforestation and trees for greening.
    7.Restoring exploited forest lands in Taoyuan City.
    Fishery and Husbandry Section
    1.Issuing related certificate of fishery.
    2.Promotion for fisheries production.
    3.Fishery joint association and issue of husbandry certificate.
    4.Promoting husbandry products.
    5.Counseling for the preventing the pollution from husbandry.
    Agriculture Consulting Section
    1.Counseling for agricultural commission in each level.
    2.Leisure agriculture.
    3.Agriculture promotion education.
    4.Comprehensive affairs of senior farmer's welfare.
    5.Rice and fertilizer service to home plan.
    6.Management of agricultural products transaction and market counseling.
    7.Agricultural product process and village winery counseling.
    Agricultural Land Management Section
    1.Irrigation system management.
    2.New style of farm village engineering affairs, farm village reconstruction project affairs.
    3.Agricultural land management in Taoyuan City.
    4.Inspection of the "Centralizing villages to construct farmhouses" project.
    5.Amendment on regulations of inspection of the "Centralizing villages to construct farmhouses" project.
    6.Agricultural land for high usage.
    7.Specification amended.
    8.Planning for agricultural resources or planning for agricultural spaces.
    9.Planning and amendment for agricultural land improvement.
    10.GIS establishment of agricultural land.
    Animal Protection Office,Taoyuan
    1.Preventing swine flu or preventing swine fever.
    2.Production of drugs for animals and vendor management,
    examination of Antibiotics Residual for animals and husbandry products.
    3.Veterinary and veterinary hospital management and supervision.
    4.Idnetifying contagious animal diseases.
    5.Preventing herbivores livestock and domestic fowls from contagious diseases.
    6.Wildlife disease prevention.
    7.Animal Protection Act.
    8.Stray animals management.
    9.Pet industry permit.
    10.Prevention of Rabies and management of pet registration.
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