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Contact Information
  • Chinese Name: 勞動局
    English Name: Department of Labor
    Address: 3and4 F, No.1, Xianfu Rd, Taoyuan City, 33001, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    TEL: 03-3322101

    Accounting Office
    TEL: 03-3322101 #6834
    FAX: 03-3361126
    Personnel Office
    TEL: 03-3322101 #6835
    FAX: 03-3361126
    Governmental Ethics Office
    TEL: 03-3322101 #6841
    Labor Relations Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #6802-6803
    FAX: 03-3328121
    Labor Standards Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #6804-6805、6806
    FAX: 03-3343573
    Disabled Employment Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #6814-6815
    FAX: 03-3333814
    Planning Section
    TEL: 03-3322101#6808-6809
    FAX: 03-3330407
    Office Of Employment Services, Taoyuan
    TEL: 03-3322101#8015-8017
    FAX: 03-3330641
    Office of Labor Inspection,Taoyuan
    TEL: 03-3323606
    Foreign Worker Affairs Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #6821-6824
    FAX: 03-3341689
    Administration Office
    TEL: 03-3322101 #6833
    FAX: 03-3361126
To Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions

  • Labor Relations Section
    (1)Mediating labor disputes, negotiation and arbitration.
    (2)Arranging labor-management meetings to promote labor-management harmony.
    (3)Advising on collective agreements to contribute to labor- management cooperation.
    (4)Related matters such as union formation, affairs counseling and evaluation.
    (5)Dealing with worker education and union executive training.
    Labor Standards Section
    (1)Supervising enforcing related matters about labor standard Act.
    (2)Enforcing related matters about labor condition inspection.
    (3)Supervising related matters of appropriation of The Overdue wages Repayment fund.
    (4)Supervising appropriation of labor retirement reserve fund and labor retirement payment.
    (5)supervising the units to regulate duty rules.
    (6)Dealing with affairs of Gender Equality Labor and employment discrimination.
    Disabled Employment Section
    (1)Dealing with reserve for disabled people employment fund and use of administration affairs.
    (2)Dealing with affairs such as Vocational Rehabilitation of disabled people, transition to employment service, and employment quota.
    (3)Dealing with subsidiary affairs such as disabled people employment service, self-certificate and so on.
    Foreign Worker Affairs Section
    (1)Foreign works inspection: enforcing inspection of illegal foreign worker, employer and manpower agency to supervise employer on foreign worker management, and protect rights of legal foreign worker and domestic worker.
    (2)Foreign workers inquiry: foreign workers complaint, acts inquiry, dispute coordination and so on.
    (3)Foreign workers management studies and leisure activities: dealing with foreign workers management forum, laws and acts promotion information and leisure activities.
    Planning Section
    (1) Labor education and vocational training.
    (2) International Labor services, Labor administration integrated planning services.
    (3) Labor Administration Assessment and Control.
    (4) Labor Law and Research Assessment.

    Office Of Employment Services, Taoyuan
    (1)Dealing with employment services such as job agency,employment inquiry, employment match, and on scene job opportunities and so on.
    (2)Dealing with vocational training for unemployed people , dealing with worker resident and land use of dormitory certificate.
    Office of Labor Inspection,Taoyuan
    Manufacturing Section
    (1) General occupational safety and health supervision and inspection and guidance in the manufacturing industry.
    (2) The occupational hazard investigation of the manufacturing industry and the examination and disposal of the appeals case.
    (3) matters such as the occupational safety promotion of the manufacturing industry.

    Construction Industry Branch Section
    (1) General occupational safety and health supervision, inspection and counseling in the fields of construction, mining and earth-rock extraction.
    (2) Investigation on occupational hazards in the fields of construction, mining and earth and rock extraction, and examination and disposal of appeals.
    (3) matters relating to occupational safety and publicity in the fields of construction industry, mining industry and mining industry.

    Occupational Health Section
    (1) Prevention and control of occupational diseases in various industries, chemical statistics, and fire and explosion prevention.
    (B) the management of occupational disasters, labor services.
    (C) for physical examination and medical examination of medical institutions.
    (D) occupational health advocacy in all sectors.

    Integrated industry Section
    (1) General occupational safety and health supervision and inspection and counseling outside the manufacturing and construction industries.
    (2) Disaster investigation and appeals cases in the manufacturing and construction industries.
    (3) Occupational safety and health education and training institutions supervision and management.
    (4) Checking, counseling and publicizing the working conditions of public institutions.

    Secretary room
    We do not belong to any other department or office, such as documents, records management, document management, affairs, cashier, procurement, property management, legal system, research and study, public relations and press release.

    Personnel Room
    (1) Organize the establishment, appointment and removal of transfer business.
    (2) Attendance management business.
    (C) performance appraisal, rewards and punishments, training training business.
    (D) treatment of welfare, retirement pension business.

    Accounting room
    According to the law, accounting and statistical business and other matters
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