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  • Chinese Name: 經濟發展局
    English Name: Department of Economic Development
    Address: 2F, No.1, Xianfu Rd, Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 33001, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Website: Department of Economic Development
    TEL: 03-3322101 #5260-5262
    FAX: 03-3345275

    Investment Service Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #5236-5238
    FAX: 03-3338368
    Commerce Development Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #5210-5124
    FAX: 03-3345254
    Public Utilities Section
    TEL: 03-3322101 #5266-5269
    FAX: 03-3313597
    Markets Management Section
    TEL: 03-3366695
    FAX: 03-3366675
    Comprehensive Planning Section
    TEL: 03-3322101#5271、5272
    FAX: (03)3390708
    Industrial Park Development Section
    TEL: 03-3322101#5273~5275
    FAX: (03)3320542
    Industrial Administration Section
    TEL: 03-3322101#5150~5153、5159
    FAX: 03-3371898
    Commercial Administration Section
    TEL: 03-3322101#5154~5158、5165~5168
    FAX: 03-3365997、03-3397860
    Administration Office
    TEL: 03-3322101#7435-7437
    FAX: 03-3369777
    Accounting Office
    TEL: 03-3322101#5285
    FAX: 03-3369777
    Personnel Office
    TEL: 03-3322101#5156
    FAX: 03-3369777
    Governmental Ethics Office
    TEL: 03-3322101#5157
    FAX: 03-3369777
To Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions

  • Commerce Development Section
    I.Commercial Service Business
    II.Commercial management Business
    III.Commodity Labeling Enforcement Business
    Public Utilities Section
    I.Public Utilities
    (I)Application for water extension works and exterior-line subsidies
    (II)Application for simple tap water
    (III)Coordination and supervision of water operations
    (IV)Electrical applications
    (V)Coordination and supervision of power operations
    (VI)Application for change of non-urban land to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) land
    (VII)Natural gas management
    (VIII)LPG sub-loading and retail management
    (IX)Application and management of petrol stations, filling stations, fishing boat petrol stations and self-use oil storage facilities
    (X)Prohibition of the illegal operation of oil products
    (XI)Application and management of electrical equipment, electrical equipment inspection and maintenance sector, electrical and technical technicians in electrical places, tap water installation sector
    (XII)Regularly check the list of high and low voltage electrical equipment in the electrical place
    (XIII)General administration and coordination of public utilities
    II.Management of Gravel Collection
    (I)Application for gravel collection
    (II)Inspection and management of illegal collection of gravel
    (III)Management of gravel collection in the area
    (IV)Relevant laws and regulations and other administrative matters of gravel collection
    III.Mining Administration
    (I)Application for change of mining land
    (II)Coordination of mining land
    (III)Determination of the application of relevant laws and review and transfer of verification cases
    (IV)Application for permissible use of mining land
    IV.Disaster Prevention and Rescue
    (I)Prevention and rescue measures for drought, public gas and oil pipelines, transmission line disasters, mining disasters, etc.
    (II)Cooperate with disaster prevention and rescue plan for overall implementation
    (III)Cooperate with the general administration and coordination of disaster prevention and rescue
    V.Recognition of Renewable Energy Power Generation Equipment
    Industrial Administration Section
    I.Registration of factory establishment, alteration and closure
    II.Registration of chattel guarantee transaction and court seal-up case
    III.Adjacent Industrial Land Expansion Plan
    IV.Alteration and classification of surrounded mixed land
    V.Alteration and classification of kiln land
    VI.Alteration and classification of undeveloped industrial land
    VII.Reissue and certification of the factory registration documents
    VIII.General industrial administrative matters
    IX.Alteration and classification of specific factory management, registration, land use
    X.Factory calibration
    XI.Factory management and guidance
    XII.Industrial management business
    (I)Assisting in handling the assignment meeting of public hazard cases
    (II)Handling cases of existing factories violating laws and regulations
    (III)Cooperate with relevant authorities to supervise the factory to improve safety and disaster prevention measures
    (IV)(Ir-)regular audits of pre-mixed concrete plants and sand and gravel plants
    (V)Survey on the use of construction surplus earth and stone as raw materials for brick and tile kilns
    (VI)Application for the earth and stone resources dumping site ( earth resources) in cooperation with the investigation of the joint examination team of this government
    XIII.National defense and mobilization operations
    XIV.Management, counselling business for specific factories and unregistered factories
    Commercial Administration Section
    I.Registration of business establishment and alteration of companies
    II.Company, business copies, and access to inspect and certificate business
    III.Business of MOEACA IC card
    IV.Administrative services such as revocation or withdrawal of company or business registration
    V.Registration of law & order-sensitive business, specific services with law enforcement, information recreational and electronic game arcades
    VI.Governing company registration
    Investment Service Section
    I.Establishing an Investment service center
    II.Optimizing investment and competitive conditions
    III.Taoyuan Aerotropolis Plan promotion
    IV.Holding national and international investment events
    V.Promoting investment environment
    Markets Management Section
    I.Public market guidance and management
    II.Maintenance and management of public facilities in public market
    III.Supervision and guidance on meeting affairs of public market autonomous organization
    IV.Establishment and supervision of private market management committee
    V.Establishment and management of vendor centralized area
    VI.Maintenance and management of facilities of public vendor central area
    VII.Violation control department in vendor concentrated area
    VIII.Law interpretation relating to retailed markets and vendor management
    IX.Activation of public market space and public market land
    Comprehensive Planning Section
    I.Industrial development strategy planning and economic construction project in cooperation with central industrial development
    II.Supervision and subsidy of the industrial and commercial development investment and development committee
    III.Relevant counselling, auditing, and management business of the industrial and commercial general area
    IV.Supervision and subsidy of the municipal small & medium-sized enterprise service center
    Industrial Park Development Section
    I.Planning, compilation, development, and abolition of industrial park
    II.Industrial development fund management
    III.Industrial land and industrial area planning, development & management
    IV.Assessment of the relevant work of factory and commercial demolition compensation and work stoppage losses
    V.Management of industrial zones for municipal development
    VI.Management of public industrial land
    VII.Soil and groundwater monitoring in industrial area
    VIII.Aviation city park management (including sewage treatment plant).
    Personnel Office
    To handle personnel management matters
    Accounting Office
    To handle annual accounting, accounting and statistics
    Governmental Ethics Office
    To handle disciplinary matters
    Administration Office
    Secretarial Office: documents, files, cashier, general affairs, property management and information, legal system, public relations, research and examination business and other matters not belonging to other units
  • Organization
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