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109-12-01 Tue.

Contact Information
  • Chinese Name: 警察局
    English Name: Police Department
    Address: No.3, Xianfu Rd., Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, 33503, Taiwan, R.O.C.
    Website: Police Department
    TEL: 03-3334400
    FAX: 03-3322110

    Taoyuan Precinct, Taoyuan Police Department
    TEL: 03-3323811
    FAX: 03-3380351
    Zhongli Precinct, Taoyuan Police Department
    TEL: 03-4221460
    FAX: 03-4266203
    Daxi Precinct, Taoyuan Police Department
    TEL: 03-3883851
    FAX: 03-3881485
    Yangmei Precinct, Taoyuan Police Department
    TEL: 03-4782274
    FAX: 03-4787841
    Dayuan Precinct, Taoyuan Police Department
    TEL: 03-3866555
    FAX: 03-3842926
    Pingzhen Precinct, Taoyuan Police Department
    TEL: 03-4390218
    FAX: 03-4390228
    Guishan Precinct, Taoyuan Police Department
    TEL: 03-3292701
    FAX: 03-3292795
    Bade Precinct, Taoyuan Police Department
    TEL: 03-3731907
    FAX: 03-3731905
    Longtan Precinct, Taoyuan Police Department
    TEL: 03-4890831
    FAX: 03-4890838
    Luzhu Precinct, Taoyuan Police Department
    TEL: 03-2220307
    FAX: 03-3121344
    Patrol Police Corps
    TEL: 03-3366584
    FAX: 03-3378114
    Criminal Investigation Corps
    TEL: 03-3322404
    FAX: 03-3350363
    Traffic Police Corps
    TEL: 03-3325368
    FAX: 03-3313183
    Women and Children Protection Division
    TEL: 03-3474362
    FAX: 03-3363539
    Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Division
    TEL: 03-3472005
    FAX: 03-3472013
    Administration Office
    TEL: 03-3340574
    FAX: 03-3350214
    Accounting Office 
    TEL: 03-3340572
    FAX: 03-3327106
    Personnel Office
    TEL: 03-3375954
    FAX: 03-3353368
    Governmental Ethics Office
    TEL: 03-3396937
    FAX: 03-3320722
    Inspectors Office
    TEL: 03-3379310
    FAX: 03-3379303
    Information Management Office 
    TEL: 03-3393160
    FAX: 03-3363531
    Legal Affairs Office 
    TEL: 03-3396965
    FAX: 03-3327106#2764
    Public Relations Office 
    TEL: 03-3319541
    FAX: 03-3319540
    General Affairs Section
    TEL: 03-3381127
    FAX: 03-3350834
    Public Order Section
    TEL: 03-3324892
    FAX: 03-3323418
    Training Section
    TEL: 03-3361164
    Foreign Affairs Section
    TEL: 03-3331011
    FAX: 03-3337717
    Logistics Section
    TEL: 03-3328153
    FAX: 03-3361105
    Public Security Section
    TEL: 03-3338334
    FAX: 03-3340315
    Prevention and Control Section
    TEL: 03-3354290
    FAX: 03-3352532
    Duty Command Center
    TEL: 03-3334400
    FAX: 03-3322110
    Forensic Science Center
    TEL: 03-3380374
    FAX: 03-3380374
    Civil Defense Operations Center
    TEL: 03-3351609
    FAX: 03-3395532
To Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions

  • Patrol Police Corps
    (1)Establishment of a powerful, quick-response squad to fight against crime and street crime.
    (2)Maintenance of security of the police department.
    Criminal Investigation Corps
    (1)Prevention of burglary.
    (2)Detection and prevention for automobile theft.
    (3)Fighting against fraud groups.
    (4)Prevention of robbery and snatching cases.
    (5)Inspecting guns.
    (6)Eliminating gangs.
    Traffic Police Corps
    (1)Promoting go-smooth project.
    (2)Strictly penalizing malicious traffic law violation.
    (3)Enhancing promotion of traffic safety.
    (4)Prevention from traffic accident
    Women and Children Protection Division
    (1)Domestic violence, sexual offending, children and teenager prostitution, sexual harassment prevention.
    (2)Children’s protection.
    (3)Promotion of women and children’s safety.
    Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Division
    (1)Promotion of crime prevention.
    (2)Persuading against and prohibiting teenager’s misdemeanors, and enhancing inspection of illegal sites.
    (3)Inspecting school violations and gang invasions.
    (4)Increasing suppression of people who violate the Welfare of Children & Youth.
    (5)Helping search for school dropouts.
    Inspectors Office
    (1)Strengthening the police discipline.
    (2)Enhancing duty inspection and discipline.
    (3)Appraisal of policemen.
    (4)Promoting political training affairs.
    Public Relations Office
    (1)Promoting public relations
    (2)In touch with civil institution and other government department.
    (3)Committed to reply and management of searching.
    (4)Dealing with analysis and collation of polls and manipulation.
    (5)Government-council contact.
    (6)Process of police question case during council period.
    (7)Release of Commissioner’ s business activity and his major news.
    (8)The analysis of media criticism on this department’s policy enforcement response.
    (9)Release of police news and contact with media.
    General Affairs Section
    (1)Planning of police duty equipment facility standard and uniform.
    (2)Establishment or merger of police station.
    (3)The affairs of endangering public morals.
    (4)Aiding accountable authorities at Taoyuan city government.
    Public Order Section
    (1)Promoting Neighborhood Watch.
    (2)Implementing expansion of random inspection and security issues in spring.
    (3)Campaign prevention.
    (4)Management of guns for self-defense.
    (5)Enhancing vagrant management.
    Training Section
    (1)Academic and selective education.
    (2)In-service lecture.
    (3)Assisting policemen in education and examination.
    (4)Dealing with students of Police University for internship.
    (5)Policemen mental counseling.
    Foreign Affairs Section
    (1)Processing case concerning foreign affairs.
    (2)Protecting foreign guest safety.
    (3)Issuance of Police Criminal Record Certificate.
    Logistics Section
    (1)The management and acquisition of public land.
    (2)The renovation and maintenance of office and dormitory.
    (3)The renovation and maintenance of police equipment and public property.
    (4)Purchase of police uniform, police equipment and office equipment.
    Public Security Section
    (1)Public security.
    (2)Security detection.
    (3)Social investigation.
    Prevention and Control Section
    (1)Household census.
    (2)Searching for (missing, unaccounted) person, and aiding seeking for unidentified person.
    (3)Civil manpower formation and training.
    Duty Command Center
    (1)Major social security, campaign, traffic accidents, conduct of disaster, control, disposal and report.
    (2)Collection and transmission of intelligence, and order conveying.
    (3)Acceptance and disposal for citizen report.
    (4)Monitoring TV report that is related to major police news.
    Forensic Science Center
    (1)Survey and recovering evidence at crime science and submitted inspection.
    (2)Fingerprint evidence, primary selection of trace evidence, primary selection and filing of physiological trace.
    (3)Documents, air gun, model gun identification.
    Civil Defense Operations Center
    (1)Establishing control room, anti-intelligence station and anti-intelligence switchboard.
    (2)Enforcing Wanan Air Raid Drill and release of trial alarm.
    (3)Prevention and rescue from natural disaster.
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