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Contact Information
  • Chinese Name: 教育局
    English Name: Department of Education
    Address: 14F、15F., No.1, Sianfu Rd., Taoyuan District, Taoyuan 33001, Taiwan
    Website: Department of Education

    Secondary Education Section
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7520-7525
    FAX: 886-3-3367101
    Elementary Education Section
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7420
    FAX: 886-3-3358254
    School Facilities Section
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7400
    FAX: 886-3-3380497
    Preschool Education Section
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7586
    FAX: 886-3-3318446
    Special Education Section
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7580
    FAX: 886-3-3318446
    Health Education Section
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7450-7457
    FAX: 886-3-3361097
    Lifelong Learning Section
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7467-7474
    FAX: 886-3-3361044
    Educational Technology Section
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7503
    FAX: 886-3-3358254
    Student Affairs,Counseling and School Safety Section
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7451
    FAX: 886-3-3361097
    Inspector's Office
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7506-7507
    FAX: 886-3-3387507
    Administration Office
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7530-7533
    FAX: 886-3-3333275
    Personnel Office
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7572-7574
    FAX: 886-3-3310610
    Governmental Ethics Office
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7570-7571
    FAX: 886-3-3320515
    Accounting Office
    TEL: 886-3-3322101#7480-7483
    FAX: 886-3-3320510
    Office of Sports
    TEL: 886-3-319-4510
    FAX: 886-3-3320510
    Family Education Center,Taoyuan
    TEL: 886-3-3366885
    FAX: 886-3-3333063
To Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions

  • Secondary Education Section
    A.Educational affairs: including following affairs in junior and senior high schools
    1.reading education education
    3.English education
    4. after-school program
    5.the underprivileged caring
    6.creative education
    7.authorization of certificates from China or other countries
    8.aboriginal education
    9.heterogeneous grouping students exchange attendance areas planning
    12.the normalization of the education in high schools
    13.textbook evaluation
    15.12-year compulsory education admission to high schools education center
    B.Students affairs:
    1.character education
    2.human rights and legitimate society education
    4.positive discipline
    5.gender equity education
    6.friendly campus center
    8.Tzi-Huei project counseling
    10.domestic violence prevention
    11.High-risk family caring
    C.Integrated Services: evaluation
    2.selection and training of principals and directors
    3.senior and junior high school teacher selection and transferring
    4.technological and vocational education
    Elementary Education Section
    A.Academic Affairs: we administer reading education, science education, information and computer education, English education, local education, care of disadvantaged and management system of student status.

    B.Student Affairs and Counseling: we are in charge of character education, human rights and law-related education, positive discipline, life education, gender equity education and friendly campus.

    C.General Affairs: we supervise teacher hiring, teacher employment, human resources project in elementary school, whole school evaluation and educational priority area project.
    School Facilities Section
    A.The Establishment of a New School: we implement land acquisition and manages properties of the county's public schools within the urban plan area; the implementation of new schools presently includes the establishment of Guanyin Senior High School, Shoushan Senior High School, Dasi Senior High School, Nankan Senior High School and Guoling Junior High School.
    B.The Renovation of School Facilities: we are in charge of the engineering design, plans, contracting and monitoring of school construction projects; the plans we administer at present contain The School Renovation Plan, The Establishment of Assembly Hall and Student Activity Center Plan, The Renewal of School Desk and Chair Plan, The Renovation of School Drill Ground Plan, The Modification of Power Supply Plan and The Improvement of School Equipment and Facilities Plan.
    C.The Maintenance of a Safe and Secured Campus Environment: in order to construct a safe and secured campus environment, we put Public Liability Insurance into effect and carry out The Improvement of School Safety and Security Plan, The Lockers Purchase Plan for Lower Level Students, The Improvement of Public Building Safety Plan and The Renewal of Fire Fighting Equipment Plan.
    Preschool Education Section
    A.The establishment of kindergartens
    1.The establishment of public kindergartens
    2.The combination of nurseries and kindergartens
    3.Nonprofit kindergartens
    4.The registration of nurseries and kindergartens
    B.Counseling and evaluation of nurseries and kindergartens
    1.The operation of the Preschool Education Counseling Group
    2.The teaching program for preschool education
    3.After school care in kindergartens
    4.Counseling and examination of illegal kindergartens
    C.Subsidies for preschool education
    1.Full subsidies for children aged 5
    2.Subsidies for the disadvantaged
    3.Subsidies for children with special need
    Special Education Section
    A.The improvement of special education environment
    1.The operation of Placement and Counseling Committee
    2.The establishment of classes for special education
    3.Special Education Transmit Net
    4.The enhancement of special education service
    B.Promoting professional abilities of special education
    1.The enhancement of Team of Professionals Specializing in Education for the Disabled
    2.Teaching programs for special education
    3.The Special Education Counseling Group
    C.Affairs of gifted education
    1.Gifted Education
    2.Early Admission Scheme
    Health Education Section
    Health Education Section is in charge of physical and health education of the schools and environmental and sustainable education in Taoyuan City.
    Lifelong Learning Section
    A.The System of Lifelong Learning: we administer adult education, new immigrant education, senior education, aboriginal education, community college and supplementary education.
    B.Arts and Humanities Education and Road Traffic Safety Education: we are in charge of arts and humanities activities and road traffic safety education in campus; we carry out extracurricular activities for teenagers; we host award ceremony for models in lifelong learning areas.
    Educational Technology Section
    Educational Technology Section is in charge of IT education, digital administration programme, and international education in Taoyuan City.
    Student Affairs, Counseling and School Safety Section
    Student Affairs, Counseling and School Safety Section is in charge of student affairs, counseling, school safety, disaster prevention and notification, national defense education and military training and nursing care of secondary education.
    Inspector's Office
    A.Overseeing and guiding Elementary and Secondary School affairs
    B.Counseling and guidance group
    1.Providing at-school guidance
    2.Teaching demonstration
    3.In-service education
    4.Research and publish
    5.Website management
    C.Education Research and Development Center
    1.Promotion center of education policies
    2.Profession growth center of education
    3.Resource center
    4.Internet center of knowledge management
    D.Education Research and Development Center:
    1.As the promotion center of education policies: to offer analysis and evaluation on local and foreign policies regarding education, thereby promoting creational and proper education policies.
    2.As the profession growth center of education: to plan and run the developmental organization, integrating the counseling and guidance group, lifting the theoretical and practical capabilities of teachers, so as to increase teachers’ quality and establish a talent base.
    3.As the resource center: to search for and collect local and overseas resources for education purpose, as well as to discover more education resources with our features.
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