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[ 2014-07-03 ]
2014 Coastal Rock Festival Begins
The press conference for a series of 2014 coastal rock festival events was held on the 30th of June. Wu Chih-yang, the Mayor of Taoyuan, announced that the combined Hakka events of Haokei Music Festival, The Lotus Festival, Young’an and Zhuwei Fishing Port Festivals, Arts Goes to Country, and Say No to Cigarettes Walks would bring the delicious local dishes and amazing coastal views to the visitors throughout the day and night.      
To promote 2014 coastal rock festival events, Taoyuan County Government designed one-day pass for the holidays during this July to August. For NT $ 200 a day, people can take the unlimited bus rides that depart from ei...
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photo Introduction to County Government

Taoyuan County is a part of northwestern Taiwan that borders on the Greater Taipei Region, the hub of Taiwan’s political and economic activities, to the north and Hsinchu, the country’s high-tech capital, to the south. Stretching from the Taiwan Strait to Taoyuan Plateau and then to the Xueshan Mountain Range, Taoyuan boasts variedly attractive tourism resources against three different landforms, namely the coastal plain, hills/plateau and mountain.  [ details ]