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2017 Taoyuan City Government Political-Economic Tour of the Western United States
  Release Unit: Planning Section
  Release Date: 2017-07-10
  Providers: Planning Section


Asia Gateway X Taoyuan Departure - 2017 Taoyuan City Government Political-Economic Tour of the Western United States
Mayor Cheng: Using city diplomacy and economic and commercial exchange to enhance the visibility of Taoyuan
Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan held an “Asia Gateway X Taoyuan Departure -
2017 Taoyuan City Government Political-Economic Tour of the Western United States” press conference at the Taoyuan City Government building in the afternoon of July 4, 2017. Mayor Cheng expressed that he will be leading a Taoyuan City Government (TYCG) delegate to embark on the “2017 Taoyuan City Government Political-Economic Tour of the Western United States” from July 4 to July 15 and visit major west coast U.S. cities of Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, etc. The U.S. serves as a benchmark reference in many areas, including sustainable management, digital economy, and other future industries. The TYCG delegate will be visiting enterprises, universities, and political dignitaries. Gala dinners with Taiwanese expatriates will also be organized for face-to-face dialogs with the Taiwanese Americans. The TYCG also prepared the “Taking Flight” porcelain plates, “Shangri-La in Taoyuan” wood carving, “Tao and Yuango” paper cutting, “Hakka Impression” printed fabrics, and the antique style “Map of Taojianbao” as souvenirs. These items feature cultural elements of Taiwan and Taoyuan as well as first-rate cultural craftsmanship, and are designed to leave a lasting impression of Taoyuan to overseas friends.
Mayor Cheng pointed out that city diplomacy will be carried out during the
“2017 Taoyuan City Government Political-Economic Tour of the Western United States” in order to build economic and commercial relationship. For city diplomacy, Taoyuan has established sister city relationships with Orange County, Alameda County, and San Bernardino County in the State of California. City diplomacy is used as a means to help friends from around the world better understand Taiwan and offer their support.
Mayor Cheng said that the Ontario International Airport located in San Bernardino County, sister city of Taoyuan, is a backup airport closest to the Los Angeles International Airport, and specializes in logistics transport. TYCG will be signing a “Taiwan-U.S. Joint Statement for Promoting Airport City Exchanges” with San Bernardino County with the aim of improving bilateral exchange and dialog between the two cities.
Mayor Cheng also described the intimate collaboration between high-tech industries in the Western U.S. and Taoyuan City. Since Taoyuan is a key city of the “Asia Silicon Valley Plan,” one of the key objectives of the Tour is to build strong ties with the U.S. Silicon Valley. For economic, trade, and technological exchange, the TYCG delegate will be visiting U.S. companies that invested or established factories and plants in Taoyuan, such as Costco, Boeing, and high-tech industries such as Cisco, Super Micro Computer, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Nvidia. The delegate will also be visiting the Evergreen Marine container port and the North American headquarters of China Airlines Group. California has been actively supporting measures to alleviate climate change as well as green energy and carbon reduction measures. To observe and learn from the U.S. experience in carbon reduction, the delegate will be visiting the hydraulic engineering project at California’s Delta and the Rancho Seco solar power plant.
Mayor Cheng said that the delegate will be visiting the California State capital of Sacramento and organize gala dinners at Los Angeles with Taiwanese Americans. Expatriates, Taiwanese trade associations, and Hakka expatriates are also invited to convey messages from Taiwan, hold face-to-face dialog with expats, and strengthen mutual relationships. The delegate will also visit universities and innovation and incubation centers to better understand various modes of business-education partnerships.
During this Tour, Mayor Cheng will bring the “Taking Flight” porcelain plates designed by Hsia Man-Feng of Kyocera Taiwan, “Shangri-La in Taoyuan” wood carving designed by Chen Hung-Ju of Da Yi Woodcarving, “Tao and Yuango” paper cutting designed by Paper Studio of Cheng Loong, “Hakka Impression” printed fabrics designed by Hsu Chien-Shun, and the “Map of Taojianbao” (preserving the ancient appearances of Taoyuan during the reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu).
Hsia Man-Feng, a leading designer at Kyocera Taiwan, pointed out that the “Taking Flight” porcelain plate integrated a wide selection of cultural elements to portray the multi-cultural diversity and ecology of Taoyuan City. These elements include the Taoyuan Aerotropolis, Taiwan blue magpie, and peach flowers and peaches of Lala Mountain. Master Chen Hung-Ju of Da Yi Woodcarving of “Shangri-La in Taoyuan” pointed out that the work adopts elements of local peaches and peach flowers to represent the beauteous natural and human landscapes of Taoyuan City. The enriching contents of the peach symbolize multi-cultural integration while featuring unique landmarks of Taoyuan, creating a “Shangri-La” where citizens can build and establish a carefree life.
Designer Chen Hsiao-Hui of “Paper Studio” of Cheng Loong Corporation said that the souvenir designs are based upon the official TYCG mascots of Tao and Yuango whose cute appearances are portrayed using paper crafting. As a material, paper is able to provide a wide variety of applications, offering an environment-friendly option for consumers who wish to do their part for environmental protection. Designer Hsu Chien-Shun of “Hakka Impression” expressed that the flower-patterned fabrics are based upon a blue shirt that symbolize the favorite hue of the Hakka people while peony flowers symbolize wealth and fortune. The work is aimed at wishing success for the TYCG delegate in their Tour while portraying the most attractive features of Taoyuan to the rest of the world.


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2017 Taoyuan City Government Political-Economic Tour of the Western United States
2017 Taoyuan City Government Political-Economic Tour of the Western United States
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